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AU scenario - The Storm War (Equestria Girls invasion scenario)

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An AU scenario. I've gotten everything planned out this time . . . I think.

This is somewhat of an alternate timeline with a POD set somewhere between the end of season 8 and the start of season 9 as this involves the formation of an alternate Legion of Doom. and alternate "End of the End" but the villains attack the Equestria Girls world rather than Canterlot. Humanity and Ponykind finally collectively making contact and uniting the two worlds as well as Terra finally becoming like Equus and becoming fully magical.

Also an excuse to have "mismatch" battles between modern military and steampunk/dieselpunk monstrosities.

Although the Storm King was defeated, the empire he forged did not fall overnight as what the ponies believed happened. For a while, a power struggle took place in which various usurpers in his forces vied for control over the vast power vacuum that formed following his demise at the hands of Equestria. However, this period of turmoil would end and after the dust had settled. a lone usurper, remained and filled this power gap, declaring themselves the "Neo Storm King". A Storm King that unlike their predecessor, is much much smarter and far more competent than the previous. He is far more dangerous that the previous Storm king because he knows what exactly he's doing most of the time.

This new Storm King would go on to unify the remnants of the Storm Army and forge a new Storm Empire during their reign. As they had lost the Staff of Sacanas to Equestria the Neo Storm King recognizes the need to make changes and reformations to the existing forces as well as expanding past it's current numbers. As a means of compensating the loss of the Staff, great focus was made into technological advancement. Things like the complete Mechanization of the Military and changes in doctrine as well as various reformations to adapt and wage modern warfare. The Storm Empire also underwent total Industrialization unlike anything seen on Equus, kingdoms and nations that they still occupied and didn't break away providing a source of slave labor for their factories and other industrial facilities. Some of these being former inhabitants of Klugetown after it was "acquired" forcefully and it's population rounded up.

The outcome of this mechanization and rearmament was the Storm Army becoming arguably one of the most powerful militaries in the world and possessed a wide range of mechanized weaponry and vehicles as part of it's forces. Artillery, firearms, landships, heavier-than-air aircraft and more advanced versions of existing vehicles such as (armoured) Trains, new classes of naval ships (Battleships, Ironclads and dreadnoughts), and new Airship designs.

In the case of the Airships, this advancement is indicated by the dropping and phasing out of the "Boat under a Balloon" designs used commonly on Equus:
in favor of designs that closely resemble IRL zeppelins and dirigibles:

Also, when I mean "Landships", it's not just an alternate term for a Tank but this type of vehicle:
an entire F***ing battleship placed on Tank Treads.

Because of this mechanization Any Decoration or ornamentation previously present on older equipment is absent in favor of more utilitarian and functional designs. Basically they adopt late steampunk-early dieselpunk aesthetics.

All these vehicles would all be powered by internal combustion rather than steam power that other nations including Equestria. As part of their military doctrine, other than the use of projectile weapons, electrical weapons are also utilized by the Storm army, whether they be handheld, deployed like artillery or even mounted on vehicles. portable Weather machines were also used to restore the Storm clouds summoned by the staff of Sacanas that would usually follow and cover their forces wherever they went. Despite having embraced technological advancement, The Storm Empire still had magic at their disposal, but applied it in a scientific and technical fashion and such a way that it skirts along the edge of Clarke's third law . Technically all their technology is still Magictech as is the case for any perceived instances of higher technology on Equus..

TL:DR I'ts modeled after the Rearmament of Germany in the 1930's as well as the Reorganization of the Soviet Military following the Great Purge. It's also invoking the Stupid Jetpack Hitler Trope and Soviet superscience tropes.

Despite their empire and their military gaining so much strength they still couldn't match or supersede Equestria's power. The were still only one of the most powerful, but not the absolute most powerful, meaning they were still a couple of rungs short of Equestria in terms of military power. Invading Equestria now would be suicidal blunder that befell other villains as they would be totally obliterated by the literal power of Friendship and Harmony not to mention having so many allies thanks to Equestria Befriending so many nations beyond her realm. And with Twilight on her way of becoming the Heir to the throne, it will be straight up impossible to invade at their current state. The Neo Storm King chose to keep a low profile as they tried to think up a way of countering this issue, trying to keep everything secretive. However, eventually, and through the Storm Army's network of spies and agents, they would hear of and learn of the existence of a magic Mirror and the Magicless realm that lay behind it, however, they are still unable to locate the Staff of Sacanas. It's at that point where the Neo Storm King orders a mission revolving around the theft and acquisition of the Magic Mirror and for it to be taken to them.

Following the theft of the Magic Mirror, the process of research and experiments around the mirror commences. They learn that the magicless world beyond is inhabited by a biped race known as "Human". There is no magic in this world and they appear helpless. It's also through these studies that they also learn about the drawbacks and inconveniences the mirror poses. using the data collected to construct vastly improved versions of the Mirror. Enormous Portals large enough to end entire armies and large vehicles through as well as staying always open and not only opening once a month. They don't change the form of whoever crosses over and does not strip the being or object crossing through of their magic. These massive portals are also no longer tethered to just Canterlot High but can be configured to open up just about anywhere in the Human World. The retaining of Magic would mean that if the Humans did put up resistance, they could still be crushed thanks to the Storm Empire's magical and numerical superiority over Human forces.

To resolve the numbers issue, the Neo Storm King also ordered a secret expedition to the Mirror Pool to study and eventually reverse engineer it so as to clone more soldiers as well as replicating to construct multiple cloning facilities. Upon drilling away the boulder sealing it's entrance, a research outpost was erected in the cave where the pool resides, and thus research began which eventually led to the creation of the first cloning facilities. Also improving upon the properties of the pool as well as eliminating whatever flaws it had.

After a long period of planning, a decision was made by the Neo Storm king: To invade and conquer the Human World. To make it the new domain of the Storm Empire as island they were on was deemed inadequate. A place that will serve as a main source of resources and manpower to continue the growth of the Empire and Army, A place were Equestria won't notice their presence and by the time they do, the forces of the storm empire would be overwhelmingly powerful and easily conquer them and the rest of the world Equestria is in.

Thus, on that dark day, the Storm Army began their invasion into the Human World. With the new portals in hand, they re able to open multiple portals in various places on Terra simultaneously. Too many for even the most powerful nations' military to respond to. Too many of them to handle. Usually opening up over major cities thanks to acquiring an atlas of the Human world as part of their research. The Storm Empire moves with extremely high mobility, Blitzkrieg. Attacking quickly and simultaneously so as to not give the Human militaries time to respond and mobilize properly. Ending in their total destruction as their technology and tactics fail in the face of the Empire's magic, numbers and the sheer brutality and ruthlessness of the advance. They are ultimately crushed almost immediately at the start of the invasion with a clear strategy of cutting off the head of the snake, the head being the most powerful nations first. Not even nukes are given time to be prepared and launched since the portals also appeared over capital cities and their leadership eviscerated before they could even evacuate. Effectively preventing them from pressing as well as destroying the big red button.

Any sort of resources, infrastructure or facilities of strategic importance are captured and maintained or upgraded by the Storm Army to constantly feed their immense war machine.

Civilization pretty much collapses at this point due to the damage and devastation wrought upon by the invaders. The only human resistance remaining would be from groups of survivors, resistance factions, mercenaries and military remnants as well as militaries from whatever countries the Empire hasn't yet conquered or didn't open portals to. Everyone else is either dead, enslaved, experimented upon or forcibly pressed into service via mind control. Among these resistance groups being most of the Population of Canterlot City. Sunset Shimmer's resistance group, the "Wondercolts" (think Wolverines). Though they argue over whether it should be called "Wondercolts" or "Shadowbolts" which would be present on graffiti they leave behind.

The Neo Storm king however, isn't fighting alone. They have also enlisted the assistance of two other villains, King Sombra and Chrysalis. With the promise of also making the Human World their domains after the war as well as convincing them to invade this much weaker foe rather than Equestria or at least not in the current weakened position the other two villains are in, the three enter a pact known as the "Pact of Thunder", an alternate and literal Legion of Doom with the shared goal of conquering the Human World. However, Chrysalis and Sombra did not sign join this pact willingly as the Neo Storm King forced them into signing with a boomstick at their heads. So although they are cooperating, all three are secretly planning to backstab one another when they're done.

This Neo Storm King views Sombra's forces as an inspiration towards the idea of pressing the natives into service as a mean od lessening the strain on the cloning facilities while Chrsyalis would be useful in that her changelings could wreak havoc on human nations internally by "Replacing" and shapeshifting into various individuals in varying positions of power (thought they could be easily noticed as they don't know how to properly act like a human). However, they would have to also teach them the concept of mechanized/modern warfare and also get them to mechanize and industrialize their armies and empires as well as it's viewed as the only way to truly overpower Equestria and eventually the world.

Tirek is not part of this pact as he'd be difficult to control after absorbing enough magic and Cozy glow is also not part of it since she'd be viewed by this Neo Storm King as being an insignificant and unworthy brat. Grogar on the other hand, the Neo Storm King absolutely depises. Often getting into heated arguments on what type of warfare is the best approach at conquering the Human World and Equestria.

For the case of Chrysalis, She still has some changeling loyalists still following her that didn't turn to Thorax's side so she'd start from there and build more hives to replenish her forces. Other than making the human world her dominion as well as eventual conquering of Equestria and Equus using resources from the Human World as with the other two villains, she also has the added goal of wreaking vengeance on Thorax for taking away her previous kingdom.

Sombra could gain more soldiers through mind controlling captured Humans (usually the entire populations of captured cities) while Chrysalis would build new hives to birth more changelings.

However, Equestria would learn of this invasion through Sunset Shimmer's Diary. First off, Twilight would learn of it through Frantic messages and pleas for help would appear in her journal and after a certain point in time, Sunset returning to Equestria to personally break the news to either Twilight or Celestia of the war between humanity and the Storm Empire as well as pleas to help. Likely taking the human mane 6 with her as part of her appeal for them to help the Humans. To fight magic with magic.

At around this point, half of the planet is now under the banners of the Pact. The war has grounded to a stalemate as the remaining the human resistance managed to halt, but not drive back the onslaught thanks to the use of stolen weapon and vehicles from daring raids on some of the Pact's forces. Despite this, the remains of free humanity are at risk of losing as the Pact is taking notes and researching new ways of breaking the stalemate. Giving Sunset the incentive to go back to Equestria and make an appeal for them to enter the human world and bolster the remaining Human resistance.

If there were to learn to use magic of their own, but it would be in extremely short supply. The only magic the humans have would only be found in and around Canterlot City, and would only be used by Sunset's resistance group. By the time humanity did learn enough of Equestrian magic to fight back, they learned too late as by that time, the Militaries of the superpower nations had already been crushed thanks to the Pact's strategy of cutting off the head of the snake then coming for the weaken nations.

After a period of reeling from the total shock that the Storm Empire is still kicking even after they defeated the Storm King, it's decided to follow the Storm Empire into the Human World. What happens next is anyone's guess. it's anyone's war and the outcome can go in a myriad of ways, myriads of battles, myriads of events.

For Twilight this war will be the greatest challenge yet that she will have to overcome before her coronation as the new ruler of Equestria.

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