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New Lore About G5 Locations Revealed, Argyle Said to be Inspired by Indiana Jones

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The production designer for the G5 movie, Pablo Mayer, revealed some interesting bits of information about the locations in G5, along with info about the inspiration behind Argyle. 


This confirms a lot of fan speculation 100%, Bridlewood Forest is the Everfree Forest and Zephyr Heights is Cloudsdale. And Argyle was supposed to be like Indiana Jones, apparently. Funny how this came out right after I re-watched the G5 film. ^_^

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22 hours ago, Props ValRoa said:

I wish that we had gotten to see Argyle and more of this as it unfolded throughout the series as a whole. There are so many good ideas, but when will we actually see them in a convincing manner in the show itself? 

An episode zero.... I vote for that too!

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interesting stuff. Actually do see the Indiana Jones vibe now :3 makes sense for a pony property to have a collector dad :P


"Maretime Bay is like Ponyville!" ~PR.

"In what way?" ~fans.

"Theeee Windoooows...." 


"Zephyr Heights is Cloudsdale!"  ~PR.

"But... clouds?" ~fans.

"Mountains go above the clouds."


"Bridlewood is Everfree." ~PR.

"Ooh, mysteries! Castles, timber wolves, zebras!" :pinkie: ~fans.

"What's 'mystery'?"


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