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Regarding Award Badges


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Unfortunately I come bearing rather unfortunate news.

Though I communicated a topic that we have to undergo some changes to badges, this may not have been communicated correctly to the events team in due to my abrupt medical leave. The result is that several users were offered individualized badges, which runs counter to how the new badge system will work, as well as the general design language I am working on. As this is my failure I will try and come up with an appropriate make good. 

Also please remember that any digital prize won here will not show until the new system is up and running, ideally that will be a few weeks, but that time line assumes I am not having to step in on anything else. Thank you. 

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Just a little update. We tried switching on the Awards system last week so I could check the database and it being turned on crashed the entire site. The process of slowly restoring the old awards into the new awards is going to be a longer process than I anticipated. 

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