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Off Topic is occasionally acceptable


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I’ve seen an increase in users reporting that posts are off-topic. I want to clarify something regarding OT posts. 



That is the current Global Guidelines link. While it mentions pointless posts, it does not forbid off topic posts. It used to say that off-topic posts were subject to moderation. It was removed because one or two off-topic posts are not particularly harmful to the community and we didn’t want to seem too heavy handed.

Obviously Debate Pit requires on topic posting, and for clarity reasons I also tend to try and keep Feedback and Site Questions focused as well. Besides that enforcement of a “Stay on Topic” rule was effectively a killjoy. As long as the topic doesn’t veer completely off course and become hijacked, a simple aside and response are completely fine and won’t be moderated. If a topic becomes something new, staff should be splitting it off into its own new topic anyway. 

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