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If you could shift reality to make MLP real would you?

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What would happen?
1. Earth becomes Equestria and everybody turn into ponies?
2. Equestria appears in some place (middle of the Pacific or whatever) and now humans and ponies can visit each other?
3. A portal opens that I (or anyone else who knows about it) can use to visit Equestria, with ponies being able to visit Earth (similar to the mirror in EG)?


1. Definitely no, I do not want to go live in Equestria permanently.
2. I don't really know, there's a potential for a very big war between ponies and humans which would most likely end badly for me, so most likely not.
3. Probably yes, visiting Equestria would be cool and as long as pony magic did not work on Earth and the portal was too small to fit a tank through, we would be safe from an invasion.

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At one point, it would be completely fine to switch realities. I think the closest I have felt that way is when watching the entire series in one go.

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In my opinion. It would be a problem because it will mean that all of the villains have a new place to take over. But the worst thing would be Pinkie being literally EVERYWHERE regardless of how it becomes real. 

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