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Opinions on dream regarding the sirens?

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I had a crazy dream that I was a unicorn hunter (think similar to Supernatural but with magic abilities to help).


Anyways, I was getting annoyed at how much the sirens were able to evade and the issues they were causing.


So, I decided to end it permanently.


I don't know how but I had gotten a hold of a forbidden magic that let the user travel throughout time whenever you wanted.


That should have been a HUGE red flag I was heading into disaster but I didn't think anything of it.


Anyway, I traveled back in time to eliminate THE siren you know the very first and matriarch of all future ones.


I found clues to their location and assumed since I couldn't hear any singing I caught my prey by surprise.


Yet, when I opened the door the first thing that happened was she turned her head and said "Well geez (name) it certainly took you long enough.


I tried to reach for my weapons but found my body wouldn't respond.


She laughed and revealed that she not only anticipated my arrival but overall the sirens were the ones that made sure I got the time travel spell to begin with.


I realized I was entrapped and couldn't do anything about it so I told her to just get my end over with it.


She corrected me and told me it wasn't the end... more a begining.



I realized what she meant but again was caught under her magic and couldn't resist.


Long story short since I can't exactly get into the more mature details of the dream I became the patriarch.


So yes, any thoughts or comments on it?


If if you're wondering yes she seemed to genuinely like me it wasn't just completely using me. 

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