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AI generated pony nonsense!

Saturn Ring

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So, after seeing a thread by @Sophie H., I finally decided to take a shot at AI, just to see what would happen! 


I tried doing Stellar! :laugh:


It looks like her so much! 


No wings,  but still looks like her! 



Doesn't look like her at all, but will be my new ponysona, Saturn Ring!  sorry @Shiny Silvermoon ! :( (my profile will be changed!)


this almost literally could be an IRL pic of Stellar! 


(Also not sure if I put this in the right category, if I didn't, I apologize!)

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@Saturn Ring

Your thread has been moved to the Computer Assisted Creations section, as this is where AI generated art is to be shared. The section Photo Finish’s Magics (Visual Fan Art) is designated for sharing art that you yourself have originally created. Since AI created the pieces and no you, your thread has been moved.

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Hehe, have some AI Saturn Ring! However, I must say, none of them look as cool as the design I accidentally stumbled upon! 


I like this one a bit! I just realized she has five legs :ButtercupLaugh:


This one kind of scares me :awwthanks:


This one is actually really cool, but I DON'T know why her face is cut off like that


Face is cut off again but is real pretty!



Imma just say it, this is how Saturn Ring in real life would look! 


Cute,  but why the two horns? 


And NOW I can't decide how Saturn should look, yes I am gonna draw her! :D 

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