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Hi! Yesterday I had the crazy idea of making a comic strip series based on the forums, and so with even Feld0 agreeing that it's a good idea, I am posting this thread for y'all to request your characters to be in each "chapter" (chapters being the separate comic strips). I plan on doing at least 10 chapters, done at any time when I'm really bored or in the mood for drawing. Then if everyone likes it enough I'll plan a second season.


Alright then, since this is just the beginning, anyone who wants to be in chapter 1 better start requesting your characters because there's going to be a limit on how many characters are in a chapter, and I suppose 5 characters besides Feld0 (obviously, I mean it is HIS website) and myself is the best limit.


Another thing about this: all the chapters of the comic shall be submitted on my deviantART, and I will both post another post that has the link in this thread and edit this original post accordingly.


Request away!



Chapter 1 - http://sonicandmario...t.com/#/d53l0ee

Chapter 2 - [NOT COMPLETE] Characters: 5/5

Chapter 3 - [NOT COMPLETE] Characters: 5/5

Chapter 4 - [NOT COMPLETE] Characters: 5/5

Chapter 5 - [NOT COMPLETE] Characters: 5/5

Chapter 6 - [NOT COMPLETE]

Chapter 7 - [NOT COMPLETE]

Chapter 8 - [NOT COMPLETE]

Chapter 9 - [NOT COMPLETE]

Chapter 10 - [NOT COMPLETE]

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Could you include mine?



Uh... um... I could include you for the time being, but I'm waiting to see if E.G.G.M.A.R.E. has decided for sure. If so, I'll have you in the second chapter.



Posted Image


Wow, this is getting a lot more attention than I originally thought. :o I'll have you in the second chapter.
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Okay, but Chapter 1 is all filled up, so you're gonna have to be in Chapter 2.


all good :)


do you need/ would you like an OC code?

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all good :)


do you need/ would you like an OC code?


Naaaa, I'm doing this all by hand.

Dibs. I shall reprise my everyday role of being The Doctor, I think between my signature and avatar you can get enough of a reference.


Uh... I think I may need to see more, but I'll certainly add you.


Except like I told several of the other peoples, in chapter 2 you'll have to be.

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