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New gender tag request "other kin/twin soul"

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This is a request for this site to add into the drop box of choices for one's gender the choice of "other kin" and or "twin soul."

Other kin is the belief that one's true self is closer to a spirit that is non human in one form or another.


other kin in of itself is very general term for this belief.

The other word I used "twin souls" is a somewhat similar belief in that the person see themselves as  having both their original human spirit but linked with the spirit of another. For example you may feel linked to the spirit of  the tiger and so you see yourself as having having your own soul and yet another soul or energy of that of the tiger.


The base difference between the two being that with other kin you feel that connection more directly where as with twin soul you not feel it as directly.


Anyways, I feel this feature added could prove to be a useful asset for those who feel like this.


Please and thank you in advance for reading my request.




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