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Self care awareness


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I don’t really take the time to offer myself proper care, whether mentally, physically, or emotionally, but today I went all out and treated myself to a day of relaxation and went to a hot springs spa where I got a hot stone massage, hung out in a few pools, ate, got a skin rejuvenation session, and just lobbied around until closing time, then dropped in to another place to get a quick Chinese foot massage (because my feet take so much abuse and wear and tear)…and they also provided a neck, shoulder and scalp massage for some reason…


Honestly, it felt good to take all day to pamper myself like this (although it wreaked havoc on my wallet- especially shopping at their gift store!!!)  Had to finish the day with Vhopotle because I think that’s standard after a spa day 

When was the last time you guys did any kind of self care- and what was it!? Would you do it again?

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