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What has caused you guys a little agitation recently? How did you react, and did you think it was a healthy reaction?



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I got very aggitated when I tried to salvage a vacation (originally planned for last March) which I had to cancel. I have to use my airline credit before it expires but I can't get any reservations or decent flights. I had been planning this trip for three years and now that I was ready to go it got wiped out by circumstances beyond my control. Every time I try to take my trip I get sidelined by something. I was very upset and couldn't think of what to do because I felt I spent a ton of money and was getting nothing for it. Finally someone told me to simply stop thinking about it because I wasn't getting a clear picture or perspective on the situation. I took the advice and it worked amazingly well. Sometimes instinct is better than logical problem-solving. If you don't overthink things (or stop thinking about it altogether) you allow the brain to instinctively find a solution, and I think I have something that might work now. 

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