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MLP Mini World Magic! Bridlewood Forest


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I have been collecting the MLP Gen 5, Mini world Magic play sets. These are similar to Polly Pocket toys, but with an MLP theme. Today I will be showing off my favorite one, Briddlewood Forest, home of the unicorns!


Notice the lovely color pallet of pinks purples, and a soft mint green. The crystal accents really make the little environment pop. I particularly like the little slide!20230412_173441.thumb.jpg.fdbe36ec90169ec3a4782accc912e740.jpg

it's great that the Briddlewood set comes with Izzy Moon Bow also. I love her antics and happy-go-lucky attitude. There are also fun snacks for the ponies to enjoy!


the little stream and the tree platforms really help the environment to feel more forest like. I love how these sets kind of let you choose your own path in terms of decor. This one is the most compact of the primary mini world magic sets. A bit of set up is required but it pops on the shelf!!!!

Here is the set in its closed state. The outer for factor on these is not the best, but they come with stickers so you can decorate!!!!


And here Is the packaging as well.



So cute!!!! Is anypony else into these?

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5 minutes ago, Trot Shuffle said:

Wow it really is cute! It's cool they somehow fit a lot in a fairly small package, neat! :fluttershy:

Yeah this set is pretty compact compared to the other ones. Another time I will post the crystal bright house set. It's enormous!

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6 hours ago, CloudMistDragon said:

That is a pretty cute toy you have there! Did you know that it's a best seller? :fluttershy:


Yeah, Izzy Moonbow merchandise is still selling really well! :izzy-shine:

I was surprised by the price honestly. $10 is really cheap, and I like it better than any of my Polly Pocket sets. Mini world magic in general is pretty affordable. Even the crystal bright house, which is huge, was only $15.

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