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Chat about all things racing. NASCAR, F1, IMSA, IndyCar, and all else in between.

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I'm not much of a motorsports person (let alone sports) but I do enjoy some of the highlights. There's lots of funny and bizarre moments and close calls/saves that's happened that I find more entertaining from motorsports than any other sport.

I try to avoid the very fatal crashes and accidents, those are always very sad and unfortunate. :(

I also don't really like the ones where people are fighting, including ramming others with malice while inside their cars. Some people enjoy that drama but it's not really my cup of tea, you can fight on the track without the need to intentionally bump others, that's what it's for! ;)

And yeah, sometimes an accidental bump happens which, while not fine, it's not as bad as doing it intentionally to others.

I'm sure anyone who follows NASCAR very closely knows about this one already, I can tell it's going to forever be a legendary clip with the fanbase. It's one of my recent favs:


As for bizarre, here's one that's funny to me:


And there's lots more like that which I enjoy!


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Who hasn’t seen Ross’s video game wallride move? Any NASCAR fan would know about it 

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