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writing It's not fair


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God, what has she done to deserve this?


What in the hell gives you the right to do this.


Her past has been horrible.


She has done so much to get past it.


She has tried so hard.


Yet you keep throwing horrible things in her way.


You're forcing her over the edge.


Please, I'll do anything just to keep her alive.


Let her come back.


Please, that's all I am asking.


Let her still be ok.'

She doesn't deserve to live through this hell.


God, please.


Don't do this.


Don't play your sick game right now.


She is in horrible pain.




It's not fair for her to be in such pain.


It's not her fault.


Why is this happening to her.


I don't understand it.


I really don't get it.


The second she meets me, she gets even worse than she was.


Please, it's not fair for her to be punished because of me.


Please god.


Don't do this to her.


It's not her fault I'm here.


I said I'd be here for her always.


But don't take her life because of it.


God, you're splitting my head apart.


It's not fair...

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