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Hi everypony! I'm so glad to join the herd. I love MLP aka My Little pony.


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Hi my name is TwilightSparkleSunny. I am new to this website. I am not gonna give out any personal info obviously. but I do have a billion MLP toys in my bedroom. one more thing. if anyone has a fav character comment below who it is. cya guys later. bye for now

-TwilightSparkleSunny :)))

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thank you North Star! yes I do agree on Sunny. her faith is why ponies like her. and before alicorns, unicorns were my fav!! but thanks. and I'll post something again later bye for now!


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Welcome on the forums! and awesome to have you with us! I hope you're going to have a lot of fun here! 

If you should have questions or need help, please feel free reach out, we're more than happy to help! :coco:

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thank you everypony! I am glad to be here. and yes I will feel free to reach out if needed. Fluttershy is one of my favs too! i love how she is kind tword her animals. feel free to check my status from yesterday

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