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The lesson of Sunset Shimmer...

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I know this seems somewhat pointless now but I figured I'd try at least one more post to see if I could get things at least a little more interesting here.

This post being about Sunset Shimmer and a somewhat half hearted attempt to explain magic in a slower pace to... make what I have been talking about easier to digest I guess.

Sunset like quite a few other villains she has the story of redemption behind her but for MLP:FIM those stories are a dime a dozen.

What makes her story more special that the others is it truly illuminates the duel nature of magic. The good and the bad.

Magic is like all things just a tool neither evil nor good and until you take action with that tool it won't do anything at all.

A super soaker that is without liquid will never fire out any spray.

Fill it with water and what is it? A harmless fun little toy for you and your friends to play around with. 

Buuuut, now fill that same super soaker with combination of acids and pesticides.

That "harmless toy' just became a dangerous weapon.. Did the super soaker change in any way though? No, it by itself never changed at all.

It was just how we decided to change what we put in it water (pure intentions) vs acid/pesticides (evil intentions).

Okay, going back to elements or in the case of Sunset Shimmer eleMENT of harmony.

Sunset did not realize it but when she chose to activate the element of magic she was not corrupting that element by any means she was channeling every single negative element of her own and the other human mane five in one go.

In others the polar opposite: Greed, betrayal, sorrow, cruelty, and deception.

Those "hidden elements" she was channeling fused into her own nature elemental nature of empathetic telepathy.

Mind you, that is the pure version the opposite power being solitude, or loneliness, or silence whatever name it's basically a kind of total disconnection from all.

Anyway, when she connected all that evil intention with the Element of magic crown it amplified her darkness 100,000 fold. 

Her "spell" was cast and it gave her everything she "asked" for in one moment.

She was the most popular girl in high school, she had the unicorn magic she lost on going between worlds back and much more even.

Yet, she quickly realized that this quick gain by evil magic came with a price attached that she could never afford to pay. Her so called popularity came from manipulation of her fellow class mates, her unicorn power made her into something demonic in spirit. 

She basically threw away everything that was dear to her heart for a false idol of gold she believed was of greater value than the friends she already had.

Once Twilight smashed this metaphorical "idol" Sunset had created out of fear she saw the truth of what she had done, what she had sacrificed and that in the end it was for absolutely nothing...

That's why she was so sad she lost EVERYTHING. 

In the story she started to work out her problems slowly but surely repairing all the hurt and pain she caused previously.

The others were still in pain so they were distrustful of her from how she had hurt them.

In the end she learned to channel the power of her real magic the good magic.

This time her spell worked slower but was much longer lasting.

She became popular because she EARNED her reputation. She found her unicorn power (somewhat) because she learned to channel it.

That is the lesson of duel nature of magic and a bit of warning with further explanation of each specifically below.

See it wasn't JUST when using the elemental magic of Equestria she started casting a spell.

Those were the BIG spells true but rather it also gathered energy from smaller magic she started.

In the case of evil magic you have the following: bullying Fluttershy= cruel magic, setting the mane five against each other= betrayal magic, stealing an element of magic that at best she had no business with= greed magic,

lying to principal Celestia to frame Twilight=deception magic, alienating herself from her friends because she refused open up her heart to them= sorrow magic.

In the case of good magic you have the following: warming up to the mane five= magic of laugher,  surrendering leadership to Twilight = magic of generosity, convincing the others to give Fluttershy's song (the one sung for thr final battle against the  sirens) a chance when she wasn't ever considered as good as the others (in  mane event story book, never directly shown on screen screen in movie)= magic of kindness,

Breaking the argument up among the mane six by speaking the truth: magic of honesty, and lastly facing her fear of confrontation with the ones she had hurt and the evil within herself for the sake of her friends= magic of loyalty.

This the lesson we can learn from Sunset be careful of the seemingly meaningless actions and thoughts because it can build up.










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