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Just thought I'd post my art here for funsies


20240504_165206.thumb.jpg.e743e42670e63fa9531ac830a0fca435.jpgSome art of a character named Red, the story of her is posted in a status update

20240501_114545.thumb.jpg.2425928dd2e261798dcf3c51d7863504.jpg20240501_114603.thumb.jpg.d4c329f4ca584b22d1a5fd2ce294fd32.jpgpony art! Art of Orange Swirl and my ponysona Saturn Ring, and my reformed changeling OC named Wintergreen20240501_133835.thumb.jpg.764a44bef95e3ba024907d7204f9ec27.jpg

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Ooga booga, more pones!



I tried to do the G3 artstyle for some ship art of toyline ponies from G3, it did NOT work


Scootaloo for my Rainbow Factory RP!


Blueberry Zap! Another newer OC of mine!



Meet Unibot 4000! A robo pony assistant, much like @Rethajni's OC Kramathia! Unfortunately, Unibot is a lot less advanced. 


Babs Seed, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle flying with balloons!


It's me in full color! A lil old, but it's in my current artstyle, so yeahhh


Non pone art! 


My Sonic OC, Zero the albino Skunk! (Zoom in to read his backstory) 


My Warrior Cats OC, Butterfly!


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Wanted to make something FNAF-esque, without it being related to FNAF 

So meet: Bingo the Buck, for a concept called Buckshot Turnaround

The magenta on him is smoke flowing from the power core, it can blind you and make you temporarily confused


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Redesigned some SUPER old MLP OCs I made back in 2019 in my edgy era 

Meet Fritz Tarkin and Patch the Pirate Pony

I don't have a lot about Patch to show for old art or storylines, but I have PLENTY for Fritz, she's got a LOT about her. 

I DID once have some old art about Patch, but it's long gone, but from what I remember her name USED to be "One Eyed Palm Patch; The Pirate Pony," or just "Palm" or "Patch" for short 

Fritz on the other hand, apparently wanted to be a princess, and tried to murder some other OCs of mine...uhhh, okay...and then she was reformed, and became Patch's friend or something, I dunno.



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Saw other Poppy Playtime fans making Smiling Critters OCs, so I made one! 

His info:

Meet Sparky Shrew, the most technological of the Smiling Critters! He likes to fix things like TVs and Computers! He often carries a wrench and is always covered in oil.

Anything broken and you need it fixed? Ask Sparky, he'll help! 

His scent is Lemon, and his best friend is Hoppy Hopscotch 


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