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After watching the most recent TYT episodes I figured this out


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It’s that since all of these season 2 episodes were already made in 2023 I have this gut feeling that the reason why they have made those episodes like with them teasing Skyros and Sunny’s Mom is that they didn’t know Make Your Mark was gonna end in 2023 and thought they were making these episodes to tease what was going to come in the Make Your Mark series if it was still going for 2024 

I’m sure that made that episode teasing Skyros and Sunny and what happen to her mom plus a few other instances because they thought we Make Your Mark was gonna tackle these in its own episodes and leave it for that not knowing that Hasbro had well other plans for Make Your Mark 

Tell Your Tale remember teased Misty’s redemption in Make Your Mark chapter 4 and Opaline’s defeat in Chapter 6 so it’s possibly this is the case 

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I don't think so, honestly. I'm pretty sure they knew MyM was going to end soon enough back then. My theory is that it's possible that another show is coming they're still hiding, or maybe specials based off MyM style that aren't tied to that title. Because I find too weird for the story lore continue in a rush 5 minute segment, and I doubt the TyT specials are going to be something big, at least not in MyM level to continue the lore.

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