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My first time drawing a digital pony and (possibly) my ponysona


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This is...well, I don't know yet :muffins:

I had an idea for one OC and wanted to draw him asap, for the first time trying digital art (with ponies). My previous draws have been in paper. His name was supposed to be Blueshy, a dragon enthusiast.

While drawing the mane from the mold I was inspired by, I wanted to be just a bit more shorter, then I drew a sketch layer of a mane looking closer to my hair, and after a couple of minutes changing both layers view, I deleted the previous mane and left that one, which I started to play a bit more with his appearance. I finished the first lineart forgetting the glasses from the sketch and I had to go back to the lineart once again, and instead of leaving black how it was supposed to be, I colored it close to wine red based off my own glasses... :awwthanks:

And just when I thought it was finished, I thought how about facial hair...like me. Then, yeah, I definitely tried a ponysona there, lol. My idea for OC got scrapped, since he wasn't supposed to be a look-alike.

Here are some variations, one without the glasses and without the facial hair, which firstly I thought how the OC would look like:


Now I have a ponysona, I guess. He isn't finished, for only one reason: the OC, Blueshy, was supposed to be an earth pony that wished to go to the dragon's lair despite having no magic to protect him or avoid with wings, he still had a big dream of meeting the dragons. As for my ponysona, which I previously draw in paper, he is an unicorn, because I am an unicorn, and I'll always be one (best race, no discussing - also would love to study magic like Twilight and her clones). So if this fella is supposed to be me, I have to insert a horn there. And I'll. I'm just...tired :derp: I want to draw other ponies too! Specially, Joe.

And for why I added the derpibooru link is because I had, many years ago, a bad experience with plagiarism, and I'll post him there once I finish his horn.

Overall, I had much fun drawing him. RIP Blueshy, maybe I'll try once again. Yet, I'm very aware of the amount of blue-black ponysonas/OCs out there, I just love this combination and couldn't thought of better colors, mainly that originally Blueshy was born because of a blind bag custom idea: a Royal Riff with black hair. Now maybe I'll try using Royal Riff for this ponysona instead. It'll be fun giving him glasses and a horn probably cutting from Rarity :oh_golly:

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