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Can somepony draw my Ponysona?


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So, I was thinking I should get a new pfp of my main OC/Ponysona hanging out with my ponytown sona, so if somepony could make that it would brighten my day even more than it has been already!

The OCs



This is my main ponysona, Saturn Ring! I don't really have much for important things about her, hehe


and this is my ponytown sona, Disco Blaze! Important things to know about her is her cutie mark, which is a disco ball with sparkly rainbow-ish slime dripping from it


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They look really cute :BrightMacContent:! Hey PinkPone! Are you still considering the drawing you requested me to make? Would you like for me to add these to my list? :mlp_huh:

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11 minutes ago, ThatPinkPone said:

Ooh! I'd like for you to draw them if you want to! 

Also, glad you like them!

Okay I'll add them to my list! :mlp_smile:

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I have two pony so need drawn for oc things (great grammar right) if anyone is willing to help me out let me know!!

Pony's  I need* (typo sorry yall)

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Here's the info for if anyone wants to


Pony 1# male, dark purple with green eyes, and a dark green mane cutie mark is a magic top hat with a couple sparkles one on the top right, the other on the bottom left, unicorn (sometimes wears a top hat)


Pony 2# male, dark grey/black pony, yellow eyes, and a blood red mane, cutie mark is a blood drop (is a vampire pony so can be a bat or have bat wings)

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