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Welcome :D

Story: the unthinkable happend sonic and his friends have fallen to eggmans plan. Now one group will rise will you be the one to help? What is eggmans plan we may never know

Time: modern location: möbius

Rules: have fun :3

Characters: GreenWind-Ryan the headghog<- he's in the data base you you want to see him)
MadhouseMishcief- Miri the cat
Sly Cooper-charmy the bee
role-Hydork the cat

Let the story begin

Ryan walked along the lake injoying the view and fresh air "What could ever rune this place?" he said aloud

Note: we will need an Eggman soon if your inserted go to the OOC thread

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Linked to OOC, also spoilered the OOC content.
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Hydrok saw out on Mobius from a mountain seeing no one but two others and started to walk to them when he finnaly was there he said ¨hi¨ to them ¨have you seen sonic or the others or any of the emeralds?¨ he asked them after a while.

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Miri continued to stare out at the water, then she jolted like something hit her, and looked over at the other cat. "The Blue Hedgehog...? Oh. He got captured by one of those big bot things. Eggman makes 'em I think." she said with a tilt of the head.

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¨wait if they are captured who is defending mobius from EggMock¨ Hydrok said slowly ¨so why are you two still here i wonder if he is so stupid¨ he said after finishing his words about Eggman who he call EggMock

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