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What would Apple Bloom's cutie mark be?


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Probably a sword and shield with apples on it to symbolize her adventurous personality and family heritage. Idk, we probably won't see until the very last episode.


Well seeing as Scootaloo was in the past generation and never got her cutie mark, she may well not get one.


Besides, if she had a sword and shield, it would mean she was good at fighting.


And her heritage is apples.


Not a sword and shield.

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Hmm I'd like to say it'd be something apple related, such as the picture of a blooming apple tree once she finds out she has the ability to rain apple trees bloom at will? xP


Otherwise I'd have to agree something with construction/crafting since she does seem to have a knack for it. Though I wouldn't really want to picture her with a hammer and nail for a cutie mark. :|


Speaking of swords and shields...

Posted Image


Maybe all the Cutie Mark Crusaders will actually get a sword, bow, and a fireball as cutie marks and become the saviors of Equestria someday. :D

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I think be Apple Blooms cutie mark would be a hammer because in episode 17:Show Stoppers Apple Bloom

fixes up the tree house.                                                                                          

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Well, I think since shes going to be getting something related to construction maybe like a Tree log or tree stump or something? Or maybe just wood being sawed. Seems kinda simple though, but its possible.


Only problem is that it doesn't have much to do with apples.. Maybe it'll be an apple tree or something :P, i dunno.

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I'd say, if she gets her cutie mark in anything that has to do with apples, it'll be something along the lines of a miniature apple. I forget what her other potential skills on the show are, though.

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