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looking to start a band....

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well i can't really work with someone if they live in another state/country y'know? but then again I dont know anything abo9ut how to run a band much less start one -.-

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I live in Texas.. I can sing pretty well, and I play piano, harp, guitar and bagpipes.. I also have access to (and can play to a degree) a cello, violin, recorder, harmonica and an iPad that can make all sorts of noises.


But I doubt you'll have much luck, considering how specific your search is here.. Texas alone is big enough.. :wacko:

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Well, I'm in Houston, and im a pretty good Vocalist, and am learning guitar. Just a question, will this be somewhat Brony music like Aviators or just a band in general?

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yeah I'm not looking to do brony music specifically, however if it turns out that that's what my band members end up wanting to play then that's fine.

as for location......I suppose that we could use skype or something to meet with each other?

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