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If you had more money than you would ever need, what would you do with it?


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Buy an island then install a race track around the outside so my girlfriend and I can race each other in our preferred choice of automotive! She would like and Audi R8 and I'd like the new Jaguar F-Type.


Other than that it would most go to my family to help them out if they need it, then to cancer research charities. 

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Every time I think about a question like this I go into full detail because I want to be smart about my money so that said:


1. Give 1 - 2m to my immediate family which are my brothers and sisters, my parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles.

2. Set up mine and my fiance's dream house in the country side.

3. Buy our top rated PCs and a gaming room to go with them!

4. Set up the ultimate Rat Play Room for our pet rats!

5. Invest the rest of the money so he and I can live off it.

6. Start my own cartoon series based off some stories I've written.

7. Donate money to the Central Texas Rat Rescue

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I would give my friends tons of gifts and tons of money to my family, I would put me through college and buy a house, I would travel through the world (especially I would go back to Seattle to see old friends) and I would spend some for people who really need it.


(and I know, the people-who-need-it-thing is the last and because of that.. a biiit egoistic, but, to be honest, who wouldn't think first of himself?)

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Visit a financial advisor first and foremost. After that I'd probably outright buy a house somewhere in the countryside that I'd live in, as well as several other houses nearer to cities that I'd permanently rent out in order to have a constant stream of income with barely any effort whatsoever. I'd also buy my dream car (which is just an Audi A8, nothing particularly fancy), build a home gym and a few more electric guitars, and that'd be it for me. From then I'd give most of the money away: assuming I started with $1billion, for example, then I'd give my parents $400 million, my little brother $50 million in a trust fund, and then probably distribute a further $50 million between my immediate family and closest friends. I'd give to charity too, however rather than make a one-off large gesture to a single charity I'd prefer to just donate a sizeable amount to multiple every month. That should leave me with around $400 million in savings - assuming @ridaranka doesn't blow through that in a couple of months.

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Depends on how much more than I could ever need is. If it's not really more than I could ever want at this moment, well, I'd probably get a good PC and streaming equipment and things like that


If it's more than I could ever want or need (I'd say that's somewhere in the 1 or 2 million area), then I'd donate a lot to certain charities that I find to be reputable, sound, and not hate organizations (Autism Speaks).

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  • Pay off all debts (student loans, house, car)
  • Hire a financial advisor to help me invest wisely
  • Buy two homes in a nice area, one for me, one for mom
  • CONSTANTLY buy the food of people behind me in the drive-thru
  • Annually go to the stores in my area during the holidays and sneakily pay off people’s layaways
  • Donate to all the things
  • Travel the world
  • Buy all the cool collectors items from various fandoms that were too pricey for me
  • Buy land where farm animals can be kept, and buy a pet cow or chicken... or both. Hire someone to take care of them if I’m doing the traveling thing.
  • Buy a vacation home in the state where my best friend lives and constantly visit her
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Maybe give some away, but that would probably create some problems. Who will get them money and for what purpose? It's too much to think about.


Maybe invest in something to help the human race? Like some important technology. Maybe colonize the moon for fun? Have a statue of myself on the moon, yea! Now I am getting more egocentric :orly: (can someone have more money than ever needed?)

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First covering the basic needs

1.- Food

2.- House

3.- Services (That means Water, Electricity, Internet, etc) 

4.- Health (Perhaps buying an insurance or the company of that insurance)

5.- Furniture (The best in the world or the best quality I can find)

6.- Appliances and such (most likely 5 BIG ass tvs for example and other devices)

Finally if I still have tons of money:

1.- I buy BMW in germany and put tons of money into making more M3 GTRs - V8 for me only (the ones that were in the LeMans series, with that special body kit and BBS Rims)

2.- Make sure that the house I buy has it's own racing track XD and garages for tons of cars

3.- Spend lots on PC´s parts and probably gifting those pc´s to some people I consider the most important to me (outside my family)

4.- Tunning and testing cars that I buy, that makes money go away pretty easily

5.- Buying several Smithing forges and having an armory of pure swords in my house and other houses I might have

aaaand that's all I can think of 

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That depends on how much we're talking. If it's just like 2 or 3 million, something that's enough for me to live extremely comfortably off of for the rest of my life, I'd probably end up spending most of it. I'd probably give away a few hundred thousand to family and my childhood friend, but I'm selfish and the rest is mine. That's an early retirement for me, as long as I plan carefully.

Now, if we're talking lotto winnings and I have $300 million, then that's a different story. I'd probably pay off my parents' mortgage (and/or buy them a new house), buy a good house for my sister and childhood friend, get all of them an early retirement, buy everything I want, set aside 10 million or so for savings, then donate the rest or something. 300 million is more than I'd know what to do with.

Ooh, I could pay for my old high school to be rebuilt. They definitely need it. It was built during the Cold War and all the windows are pitifully small.

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If I had no need for the money I’d give it to those who need it most. I’d also support the furthering of arts and sciences in their countless varieties of endeavor; pioneering spaceflight and colonization of other planets, advancing medicine in new and practical ways, or enabling artistic projects and their visionaries to have the opportunity to get off the drawing board and change the world. And, if nothing else, I’d put every power line in the country underground instead of up on stupid wooden poles which clutter the scenery and leave utilities vulnerable to every passing zephyr. Just a thought. 

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I would sit on a giant pile of cash and laugh maniacally.

Being serious though I would probably just continue to live pretty much as I am now but more comfortably and with some extra luxuries though I'm not really an extravagant person. I wouldn't work as there would be no need to and I'm not likely to get bored. I would also share out some money to family and friends.

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I’ll first buy back our old house, give half to my family, donations, and the rest if extra, for myself which is maybe remodeling my room into a Jazz themed bar. 

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Nothing. What I really, really need is not from this world.
In fact, the whole litigation regarding the inheritance is suspended in the air because I am doing nothing. And the rest of the vultures in the family are becoming more indebted because of all the lawyers they brought into this case. And my answer is still... nothing. So, they are starting to get agressive with one another, like vultures do when you lock them up in a cell to let instinct do the rest.
And that is all I will ever do. Hold the carrot high enough so they feel they can get it. "It is just there". "A little more and you can have it". But they will never do. Because no matter how much money and possesions I can have. It always feels like I have nothing. I lost everything that was important to me, already.
It is sad, you know. There are so many people dedicating their entire lives to get all these material "things" the system promises. And then you get them, only to come to this realization. Fortunately, I am able to see the door from here, it is getting closer now. The end is at hand. The only kind of freedom there is. And with it, the promise of healing.

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I think the only real answer would be to give it away, either to family/friends/charities/those in need/etc. - although it would take a lot of money to get to the point where I'd have "more than I'd ever need". While I am not a fancy person who likes extravagant things, such a statement implies that I'd never have to even think about my finances ever again and remain secure for life regardless. That would take a lot, both in the way of initial capital and acquired assets.

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