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If you were a sibling of one of the Mane 6?


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Well, I have posted a topic on asking what character of the Mane 6 you would accept as a Daughter. So this topic came into mind.


What about if they were your sister? Who would you like as a sister?

Tell us your relationship with them, and the siblings they already have. What age are you to them?


On a tough decision, my choice would be Applejack, if not Fluttershy or Rarity.


I chose Applejack because, well, they have a family of Hard workers. They care about eachother, and have the Family Qualities that i'd want. Plus they'd motivate me not to be lazy.

I'd be younger than Applejack, maybe the same age or a bit older than Applebloom.


My relationship with Big Mac would be, well, big brother to look up to.


My relationship with Applejack would be, well, kind of the same as with Applebloom and Applejack.


My relationship with Applebloom would be a regular child and child siblingship. I'd get into Cutie Mark mischief with them once and a while.


(for those who are going for Pinkie, don't worry about her sisters, you won't know enough to talk about them)

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I'd want Twilight as my sister and then that means Shining Armor is my brother and Cadence is my sister-in-law.


Twilight is smart and knows what's going on. I'm laid back enough to bring her back down to earth when she's freaking out.


Having Shining Armor as a brother would kick butt too. Playing sports and doing manly things.


And even though he's not a sibling, it'd be cool to be friends with Spike and kinda be like an older brother figure to him too.

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hmmm tough choice


I would want to go with fluttershy cause she would be the most caring sister one could have and plus I would have angel around and angel is Badass B)

But then again applejack would be pretty good too cause of the big family being very dependable plus having an awesome older brother and an awesome little sister :P

Twilight is the averege choice for me with the add on of being around spike which would be totally cool. I mean he is a dragon even if he is small

Rarity,pinkie and RD not so much


Outside choice totally Trixie <3 I would help her with magic shows, travel all around Equestria and all that stuff and it would be awesome and epic


But anyway For mane 6 only ehmmm I would probably pick AJ for the reason mentioned above even if she is not in my top 5 list it would be cool to have such a big and awesome family

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I have to pick Rarity because Rarity is my favorite pony and my sister's favorite pony. I think we'd both get along with her pretty well... and it would give Sweetie Belle two extra siblings so she can get more attention :D

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I tihnk I'd like to be Fluttershy's sister. She'd be kind and caring. We both like animals and she's very shy around people, like I am. I'd be about as old as the CMC, and naturally I would be a pegasus, who could zip around her all day. The only difference is I'd probably end up being another pony to help her build social skills. And, more likely than not, she would help me build some self worth. ^.^

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I like this topic :3


My first choice goes to being Applejack's slightly younger brother. She can be both affectionate and caring/understanding, but also knows when to put her hood down and be serious, and get you with the program if you're not doing what you're supposed to. I'td be a very pleasant experience to work and play with her, as well as Apple Bloom and Big Mac, whom together, I feel would give me a lot of space to adapt to different types of people. That is to say that they're all different in personality and age, so spending time with all of them would be very beneficial.

-To Applejack, I'd be the helpful younger brother who helps her out whenever possible, and of whom looks up to her quite a bit, due to her outgoing personality and unflinching work ethic, both of which I lack at.

-To Apple Bloom, I'd be the older brother whom is a bit more interpersonal and outgoing than Big Mac, but not by enough to shadow over him, but more like providing a contrast. I'd hang out with her and AJ in town whenever possible, and would always be interested in helping her with whatever CMC-related problem she's encountering.

-To Big Mac, I'd look up to in the way that he knows AJ and Apple Bloom more than I do, and that he's more wise than me in general.


My second choice would be, dun dun dun, Rainbow Dash. My assumption is that me, being nineteen in two weeks, am a bit older than her, unlike AJ, whom I assume is already nineteen. I'd be the brother whom loves her for her sparky, flashy attitude and personality, but also tries to mellow her down when she blows her top. I'd do my best to give her the contrast of a mellow, easy-going personality, of which I'm good at and that she usually lacks. I'd also enjoy hanging out with her, or, simply being available to hang out and do stuff with if she ever finds herself bored. I'd be the type of sibling who she could call and at any time of day, and I'll be happy to drop what I'm doing as long as it isn't important, and go spend time with her.

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If I wanted a buncha' family memebers, Applejack. ;)


If I wanted Sweetie Belle as my sister, Rarity. :D


But my OC really fits in with the Pie sisters, so Pinkie Pie. :ph34r:

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Id be Pinkie Pie or Fluttershys younger sister probably. Maybe Applejack.

If it were Pinkie Pie, id be her younger sister, and silly like her. We'd always do fun stuff together like going to theme parks and Water parks!


If I were Fluttershys sister, well, im already shy like her (but just like in real life, im not nearly THAT shy) Since I love animals like her too, we'd have a bunch of pets! Id be fun living with her and all her animals! Id be her younger sister.


Id be a little hard living with AJ, even though I like her, cause honestly im a little lazy...



Being a younger sister to Pinkie Pie or Rarity would be the most like it is now. Since out of all of them, my older sisters are like Pinkie and Rarity.

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I would have to be Pinkie Pie's younger sister. Even though we only saw her other siblings for a moment, I am quite a bit like them as I'm not naturally upbeat and happy. Yet she was determined to make them smile, as she is for everyone, that's all she desires. She doesn't need someone to be absolutely the best like RD or Rarity, or the smartest like Twilight would probably expect. Yet she is absolutely fearless when it comes to defending those she cares about (as she did for Rarity in theepisodethatmustnotbenamed), unlike Fluttershy. I felt like AppleJack was was a close second, but on second thought, she's so headstrong and a bit too proud that I'd feel she may have a difficult time being around a sibling who wasn't always as gung-ho and active as she is. Pinkie seems more flexible, willing to change whatever needs to be changed in order to make the one's she's with happy, because that's what makes her happy. It's weird to choose the pony most opposite from me as my 'sister', but I think it works best.

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Twilight. Twilight, Twilight, Twilight.


Not only would I have the most adorkable, most magical, most Twilightlicious sister but I would also have the hulking, badass stallion known as Shining Armour as my brother. That and I would probably know Cadance along with Celestia because of my families links to royalty.


Then again, Rainbow Dash looks like she'd give the best sister snugglez...

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I'd probably accidentally step on one of Fluttershy's animals.

I'd get sick of seeing dresses at Rarity's house every day.

I could never catch up to Rainbow.

Twilight would bug the crap out of me(she's not my favorite).


So I guess Pinkie or AJ.

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Hard choice between Applejack and Twilight.


Applejack can be caring, but would know when to kick my flank (I'm assuming I'm getting turned pony, yes?) when I'm not being responsible. Another plus would be having two more awesome siblings, Applebloom, and Big Mac.


Twilight on the other hand/hoof can also be very caring, and she could be very helpful when I have no clue what the hell I'm doing. Shining Armor, and Cadence as siblings would be pretty awesome as well.

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That would be interesting. I would probably fit in the most in Twilight's family, but I wouldn't be completely certain. I would say that her family would be the most similar to my personality. It would be interesting to be related to Twilight and Shining Armor, in addition to being sort of related to Spike and Cadence.

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