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"Baby DJ" by: Crank Shift

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here it is you guys!:



“SWEET CELESTIA!!! What the hell happened to me?!?” a purple filly yelled at a purple mare. “Twilight! What happened to me!? I’m a filly!” “I don’t know, honey! You were supposed to be older not younger!” Twilight said as she looked down at the little colt. This filly happened to Crank Shift, a local DJ in Ponyville, and Twilights stallionfriend. “Twilight! Please tell me this wears off in an hour or two! I don’t want to go through puberty again!!!” Crank said giving Twilight a worried look. “It’s alright Crank, the book says it wears of in one hour. But, since you’re like this……” “Wait...wh-what are you…..ah!!!!” Crank yelled as he was picked up by Twilight and set in a high chair she had when she baby sat the Cakes babies. “Twilight! No! I’m not going to eat that mush! NOOO!!” Crank said as he was being force fed baby mush. “But you just so… ADORABLE!!!! I can’t help it! Now, you’re going to eat it or you’re going in time out!” Twilight said in a playful voice. “But…..But……Fine.” Crank said as he sat in defeat and ate the disgusting food. “There, was that so hard?” “Yes. I feel like a complete idiot.” Crank said. He felt if he just got his stallion card striped from him. “Can you please let me down?” “Yep! Right after I do……THIS!” Twilight said as she put a little sailor hat on Crank and took a picture. “Why did you just HAVE to do that?” “Because you’re so CUTE!” Twilight said as she let him down onto the floor. “Just wait until I’m a stallion again. I’ll make sure to pay you back when you least expect it…” “Ohhh! I can’t feel threatened when you’re so cute!” “Alright I get it! I’m freakin’ adorable!” Crank said in an annoyed tone. “Aw! Someone is cranky! Looks like someone need to be burped!” Twilight said as she picked him up and started to pat his back. “No! I don’t need to be bur- *Burps*….. Point taken…” Twilight laughed and put Crank on her back. “I know what you would like. How ‘bout I give you a bath?” “Hm…… fine. But you can only go below the waist to do my legs….” Crank said in a satisfied tone. “No promises…” Crank looked up at Twilight with a shocked expression. “Just kidding! Jeez, lighten up.” Twilight said as Crank gave a sigh of relief. She wasn’t joking. He had to slap her hoof twice just so she wouldn’t do it. “I was only going for you’re cute wittle baby hoofs!” Twilight said as her voice cracked at the sight of his little hoofs. “Yea, and I’m a dragon.” Crank said as he kept a close eye on her front hoof. “Aw… the spell is about to wear of in ten minutes…. Let’s get you dried up!” Twilight said as she picked up Crank and dried him off on the floor. “You’re manes a mess!” Twilight said. “I can do that on my own….” Crank said as he started to back up when Twilight started to walk towards him with a brush and hair clippers. “Ugh…… why did you have to cut my mane? I had that look going for at least another month before I cut it.” “Oh, stop complaining! You look fine.” Twilight said as she put him up to the mirror. “I guess you’re right….Man I look good!” Crank said as he checked his hair out in the mirror. “Thanks babe....” Crank said as he leaned over and kissed Twilight on the cheek. “AW!!! You’re wittle colt lips are so soft!” Twilight said as she put him on the ground. “Okay. The spell should wear off in…3…2…1….” She said as she saw a flash of light and looked at Crank. “Aw… I wanted to play with you a little longer…” “Oh, stop. I need to be a stallion so I can do this…” Crank said as he pulled Twilight into a kiss. “You’re right…. And you’re lips are still soft….” Twilight said as she blushed at the sudden action. “You just now noticed? And yours aren’t that bad either….” Crank said as he leaned in for another kiss. Only to be splashed by bath water. “No! Crank, I’m clean!!” “Not yet you’re not!” Crank said as he picked Twilight up and put her in the bath. “Fine. But if I get in…YOU’RE COMING WITH ME!” Twilight said as she pulled at Crank’s hoof as he fell into the bath tub. “Aw! But I just took a bath!” “Not for that… for this.” Twilight said as she gave Crank a passionate kiss. “Mm….. I don’t mind this kind of bath….” “Oh, shut up!” Twilight said as she splashed Crank again. “And you say I’m acting like a foal...” Crank said as he was tackled by Twilight as she sighed, “Crank, I always want to be with you… you want to stay with me?” “Of course…I promise I will always love you, too.” “I love you too honey…”


(Sorry this was a short book. I didn’t want to spend too much time on this one because I have another one on hold…)

-Sir Prise :3

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