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Which Sin are you like most?


What sin are you?  

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  1. 1. Which sin fits you best?

    • Lust
    • Wrath
    • Greed
    • Gluttony
    • Envy
    • Pride
    • Sloth

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I put Lust, but Wrath is also a viable option for me I suppose. Lust not so much for sleeping around, but more for spending a bit to much.. *ahem* "alone-time".


As for Wrath, I'm not really a mean-spirited person. I'm tying this more in to Dante's Divine Comedy, particularly, Dante's Inferno, in Circle 7, Canto 13. The Forest of Suicides. While obviously, I haven't succeeded with suicide, as I'm here writing this, I have considered it many times throughout my life, and quite honestly, I don't foresee myself dying a natural death, withering away in some retirement home in Florida. I may live to be that old, I may not, but I'll know when my time has come and I'll go out by my own hand, even if I need someone else to hold it steady for me. It qualifies as Wrath because suicide is considered self-murder, and so I will have  committed at least one murder by the time I die, even if the only one is my own. Sorry if it got a bit too dark, but that's just what I've been thinking about recently.

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From most relatable to least:








Gluttony is last because I'm way too skinny to be considered gluttonous. My nickname is Twiggy for a reason.

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Probably envy, I guess- I can get envious of someone for stupid things sometimes, like for getting more attention when I put in more effort...  -_-


Wrath may be another one I could have problems with, though... I get very dark thoughts about how to deal with some people, enough for me to have a manifestation of my wrath in my fantasy world... 

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Sadly, sloth. I try to not be lazy, but it usually gets the best of me. I'm trying though! Just you wait!


Maybe lust, but then, I'm only 14, not much to expect. I don't act upon my lust, but still....

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Definitely greed, it seems like every day I'm buying something, I'm obsessed with spending money.


Sad? Buy something.

Angry? Buy something.

Happy? Buy something.



Other than that then envy and wrath.

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During my teen years it was a deadly mix of lust and wrath which had a rather nasty habit of feeding each other but now both have gone down considerably though these days my lust is significantly more powerful than my wrath with me rarely acting on my wrath but acting on my lust with my ahem alone time pretty much every day though during my teen years it was even more frequent than that. Gluttony does take a close second, I love to eat and can sometimes eat because I am bored or upset in addition to of course having the appetite of a starved monster. Wrath is still in the top 3 though of course most of my wrath inspired activities these days involve me swearing like a drunker sailor on shore leave during happy hour in the back room at work thanks to all the various annoyances I deal with on a daily basis there.

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