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Favourite Pony Picture


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I don't know who's behind this cute vector, but I absolutely adore it.
Derpy is best pony, and that Poison Joke in her mane really compliments her face ^^
Derp angel, Derp angel, will you be mine?

*Sigh* Why must you be so perfect? ;_;

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I've seen a lot of really good ones, but this is probably my favorite.  Just the thought of Derpy riding on a magikarp is one of the most perfect ideas ever conceived.


EDIT: I didn't even notice the mushroom cloud until just now.  That makes me love it even more!



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One of the first pictures I ever saw of MLP: FiM outside of the cartoon. I agree with what others have said: RD looks so happy / proud of herself. Really sells the image...



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