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Mane 6 favorites in order

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1. Rainbow Dash.

2. Applejack.

3. Twilight Sparkle

4. Rarity.

5. Fluttershy.

6. Pinkie Pie.

1. Rainbow Dash B)

2. Applejack :smug:

3. Twilight Sparkle ^_^

4. Rarity :D

5. Fluttershy :yay:

6. Pinkie Pie :)

Are you copying me...? :okiedokielokie:
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I don't. COME AT MEH BRAH.  My favorite mane six pony order is the following:   1. Applejack   2. Everypony else     Call me obsessive, sure.

1. Rainbow Dash. 2. Applejack. 3. Twilight Sparkle 4. Rarity. 5. Fluttershy. 6. Pinkie Pie. Let's see, the mare is kind-hearted, honest, true to herself and her friends, and drop dead gorgeous to b

1. Rainbow Dash is a really strong character in all aspects. Her flaws are pretty flawed and have a pretty great effect on the viewers and fans alike, her strengths and backstory are pretty well done

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Oh. Sorry.


Why do some people like Applejack? Tell me.

Because of her bravery. Because of her physical and mental strength. Because of her honestly. Because she kicks ass. Because of her design. Because she is a great sister. Because she would do everything to protect her familiy and friends. Because of the fact that she never, ever quits, no matter how hard it gets for her. Because she could carry the sorrows of the whole town of ponyville on her back and still carry on. Because of her voice. Because of her work attitude. Because she lost so much in the past and still did not despair,  because of her little sister, her granny and her brother, because they need her strength.


Why do you like Twi and Pinkie so much?

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Huh? Hurtful to who? Applejack fans?


...She has fans?

She has, and you're talking to one of them so mind your language buddy! Am watching you!  :okiedokielokie:

Did i mention that am an applejack fanboy?

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Huh? Hurtful to who? Applejack fans?


...She has fans?



No, all the people who wrote more than 2K posts in her Fan Club are just trolls, of course they're just joking, they never liked Applejack.


Because, let's be honest, who would like a pony, who is so brave that she was ready to die to protect Spike from the timberwolves? Or her little sister from a chimera? Or her friends, Princess Twilight Sparkle included, more than once (Frienship is Magic part 2, Dragonshy, Princess Twilight Sparkle part 2). Who would like a pony with charming voice and unique desing? Who would like a pony who thinks more about others than about herself? Who would like a pony, who is a wonderful role model? Who achieved her life goals at young age? Who never lost hope even though her parents probably died when she was very little and she had to take care of farm and the rest of her family?


Who would like a pony like that? 



Idiots, idiots I say!



*obvious trolling is obvious*

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1. Pinkie Pie :)

2. Rainbow Dash B)

3. Fluttershy :yay:

4. Twilight Sparkle ^_^

5. Applejack :smug:

6. Rarity :D


I do like all of them, it's just that I find some more interesting than the others.

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1. Rarity and Twilight  ^_^  :please:

2. Pinkie Pie  :lol:

3. Rainbow dash  B)

4. Fluttershy and Applejack  :(  :wat:

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The problem with being unable to decide means my list fluctuates often.. 


My top 3 often involve AJ, Pinkie Pie and Twilight.

Rarity and Fluttershy usually stay around the 4th and 5th position and Rainbow Dash has always been #6, this is meant as no slight to her, I just prefer the others slightly more.

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Ohh My.... This seriously hard.

If put them in an order (And i wouldn't say this is really specific cause i love them all!)

1:Pinkie Pie (For sure i love her!)

2:Apple Jack

3:Rainbow Dash



6 Twilight Sparkle


I feel bad for even trying to place some xDD

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Well, actually I love everypony so it was hard to decide, but I think my list should come like this:


1.Pinkie Pie (of course) :  Best pony ever (In my opinion :blush:) without question!  Is nice to know that there will always be someone that will enjoy trying to bring you happiness and making you smile. She is probably the cuttest creature I had ever know ! anyway " Laughter is sunshine, it chases winter from the human face" , Pinkie is that sunshine in darkest nights !


2.fluttershy: Because  kindness.....need I say more? "The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually perfoming small acts of kindness" she probably will always  bring love to those who surrounds her, and that is probably why I love her .


3.twilight sparkle: I can see many similarities between her and me. We are both egghead booksmart. And tend to pass days in the librarly. And  we all get crazy( really crazy) when things are out of control. Admire her, truly.


4.rainbow dash: Because she is awesome!!!


5.Rarity: Well , both of us are really sensitive. and ...she is amazing, but what make me really love her are her songs!


6.Applejack: honestly, I like her. It was really hard to place her in the number 6 of my list. but it was even harder for me to put other ponies here.


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My current order from favorite to least favorite:


  1. Rarity
  2. Applejack
  3. Pinkie Pie
  4. Rainbow Dash
  5. Fluttershy
  6. Twilight Sparkle

When I first started watching Friendship is Magic:

  1. Rainbow Dash
  2. Twilight Sparkle
  3. Fluttershy
  4. Pinkie Pie
  5. Applejack
  6. Rarity
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So here's a new order from last time...

Favorite to least favorite.


1. Twilight Sparkle

2. Rainbow Dash

3. Pinkie Pie

4. Rarity

5. Applejack

6. Fluttershy

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1)Pinkie Pie

2)Pinkie Pie

3)Pinkie Pie

4)Pinkie Pie

5)Pinkie Pie

6)Pinkie Pie


Now seriously:


1)Pinkie Pie

2)Twilight Sparkle

3)Rainbow Dash




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Applejack: I don't know, I just kinda like her  :toldya:


Rarity: Pretty pony!  :D


Twilight: She's so cute   :wacko:


Fluttershy: Eh... She used to be my favorite, but now she kinda annoys me  :blush:


Pinkie Pie: She really annoys me  :okiedokielokie:


Rainbow Dash: Overrated  >_>

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The first time I've watched the series, it was







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Pinkie Pie for she is the one that got me into the fandom

Fluttershy cause I relate with her concealed rage and she is flippin adorable especially around Discord

Rarity for her top notch sarcasm and sassy talk

Rainbow Dash for her character development and being adopted sis with Scoots, and her pet Tank

Twilight for that bamf fight scene and funny lines

Applejack for funny moments and being Appleblooms sister.

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Order from favorite to least favorite:



2.Pinkie Pie




6.Rainbow Dash

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