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Out of place (More poetry, so beware!)


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PinkiePie seems like a great source of inspiration. So here comes another piece.



Out of place.


I'm not fit for this world.

I need some place else to be.

I need to belong somewhere.

I want to belong.


I search wherever I may go.

Search for that one place.

Where I fit among the rest.

Take my hand, guide me to paradise.


In my sleep I dream.

Dream of my wonderland.

Show me the way.

Show me where I'm supposed to be.


One will find what one seaks.

If one just continue to search.

The land of dreams are out there, somewhere.

Let us search together.


We are out of place.

Nowhere to belong.

Let us find that one place.

Where we are meant to be.



Spoiler again, to avoid wall of text.

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