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What Are Everyponies hobbies?

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3D modeling (and almost all stuff involving 3D, I like trying everything:toldya:)

Game development (but I usually don't go further than the first level and technical stuff because I'm not much of a level designer)

Gaming (mostly single player projects, but I play with my friends from time to time)

Music (mostly rock/metal, but it really varies every week. Eg last few days I feel urge to listen to 5-6 years old mlp/fnaf and helltaker fanmade songs:sealed:)

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3D modeling.

I make plushies from time to time

drawing from time to time

I also like to spend time on learning to read a font from a game because it's like a secret code only some can understand. It's dumb but i mean... fantasy.

daydream, tho i don't know if that could be consider a hobby because i don't decide when and how much it happens

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listening to music, being around good people, reading interesting books, tinkering, drawing, playing video games, walking in nature, drinking tea :> the list is quite extensive 

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