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Why haven't Applejack's parents been shown?

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Perhaps they don't live with Applejack and have a different farm in another area of Equestria? Or perhaps they decided to skip out on the farming because that wasn't their special talents, and live in a more citylike place like Manehattan. I don't really think they're dead though.

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I was JUST considering this same question... I started to ask myself the question I saw when applejack's reflection on her past in the CMChronicles. We see the flashback of her as a filly, leaving the farm with only Granny Smith and Macintosh present. The question that rose from her non-present parents for me was when did Applebloom come into the picture? and if Applejack was aodpted before applebloom, does that make them technically not biologically related?
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Maybe her mom got pregnant at a young age, dumped her, Big Mac and Applebloom off with Granny Smith "just until she could get her life together" and never returned, save for the odd Christmas visit or to stop by to say "hello" and grab Granny Smith's money.


That or else my vote is on them being apple business ponies who are frequently away on business trips overseas to sell apples to foreign ponies. Granny Smith watched the kids while mom and dad were away and since she's getting old, she turned over running of the farm to Applejack and Big Macintosh. Apple Bloom doesn't yet know it but she will one day be the overseas sales rep for Sweet Apple Acres.


Those are just my theories but I think it make sense as far as Applejack's take charge, responsible, motherly attitude :huh:

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From Lauren Faust's FAQ on Deviantart.


"Where are Applejack's parents?


To put it bluntly, we just never figured it out. I just liked the feeling of them living with their Granny, but keeping the family dynamic tight and small. To be honest, I would like to simply say that they passed away somehow, but it's justit would have likely been deemed too sad for a kids' show and I don't think it would have ever been approved. There was brief discussion of them being traveling salesponies or explorers, but since we never needed the information in an episode, nothing was ever made official. So it will have to remain a mystery until someone decides to define it."

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