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Has Being a Brony Changed Your Life? How?



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  1. 1. Has becoming a Brony changed your life?

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1 hour ago, Courageous Thunder Dash said:

Being a brony has totally changed my life due to the fact that it opened my eyes to just how judgemental this world can be. Yes, let me be honest. Being a brony changed the way I think about others around. It allowed me to view things in a completely different perspective because it gave me the drive to be more compassionate and kind to one another. I'm a Christian, a firm believer of Jesus Christ. When watching MLP, I could see the messages that are preached, because really, you have to have to the eyes of a child but the mind of a wise man to truly get all that MLP teaches. My parents kept telling me to "grow up" and that MLP was for little girls. I pushed through, and it only made me stronger. It takes trusting yourself to be a brony, and I've had plenty of moments where. doubted that I'd make it to the end of the show, but here I am. Thanks to MLPF, a loving community with passionate and like-minded people, and the other bronies I've met, it has truly been a journey for me. I wouldn't have even imagined myself being a brony if I hadn't gone away to college for freshman year. That's why I say sometimes, all it takes is one. 

I'm a Christian too. I can kind of relate. However, I actually gave my life to Jesus 2 years after I became a Brony. Because my life was in a turbulent place at that time I put MLP on the backburner while I got my spiritual life in order. I left the fandom much too soon but I think it was a necessary thing. Regardless, the Brony fandom back in 2013 really helped me find courage to interact with other people and develop real kindness.


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I would say yes. It kind of helped me open up more and be myself. Like, once everybody knew I watched MLP, everything else I could tell them went from “shocking” to just kind of like “yeah, of COURSE you like that” or “of course he is wearing that” and it isn't so much of a big deal. And the show really brightens my mood and puts me kn a happier headspace. I feel i’m happier for watching it. And everypony needs that! 

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