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What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

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Didn’t buy it, but my friend got something at the store and this slap bracelet  came with it as a promotional thing.  He knew just who to give it to lol.  


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Just got my SDCC Derpy Hooves in the mail today. I bought her on eBay for only $54 with free shipping, which I thought was expensive at the time but I've seen her go higher than $100 lately. As much a

Love the hoodies.         Bought the hoodies and the DVD a few months ago.

I've noticed a lot of threads being made solely to show off new merchandise, so from now on, if you want to show off something you you just bought, please post it here instead of making a new thread.

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Big Haul Today, Fluttershy build a bear plush, campfire tales DVD, Smashin fashion twilight sparkle, Dog tag blind bag 


Derpy mailmare play mat, Luna and DJ Pon3 dog tags, Luna canterlot deck 


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Haven't bought pony merch in a while and this may well be my silliest purchase yet :mlp_pinkie:



Never painted my nails because boy :P and nieces just painted them today (because they got kid nail stuff) and I actually quite liked having them painted (other than Rarity white which just looked like a spilled Tip-ex on my nail). Only want Mane 6 colours and don't want even semi-permanent nails so kiddy peel off gel in Mane 6 colours is actually the perfect purchase. Not sure about the extras... on the other hoof, having cutie marks on my nails might work? Will see. 

edit wait where is Flutters D: false advertising! :angry:








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Here's my last haul of 2021! A Spitfire and Dj Pon3 funko figure, G5 brushable and a MLP Movie blindbag!, also my Fluttershy plush is hiding in the background hehe :squee:


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