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Just dropping in briefly. I'm keep hearing complaints about someone being overtly negative about other peoples musical taste and I am really intrigued now. My wife completed some research a few years

Oxford Dictionary's definition of music: "Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion." 1.) This music does have be

11/10 Sabaton rules!   

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I'm not sure what the context of the song is, but I love it. It reminds me a lot of "Healthy, Normal, American Boy" from Bye Bye Birdie 9/10


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Technically very good, and very interesting to watch. Would have been nicer without the vocals, though. 9/10


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The hook is catchy, but the vocals are kinda annoying at first and Khalifa's rapping is really out of place. I hate it when an innocent pop song includes a rap verse with a watered down beat where it really doesn't belong. But as said, the pop aspects are enjoyable

Khalifa has some nice flow though



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RATM are nice - 7/10



8/10 I should listen to more of Mala


Check out his singles and dubplates if you're interested. He got a lot of really good ones

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6/10 I like the idea, but I was hoping it would turn out better. D:


EDIT: Curses you ninja.


I don't listen to a great deal of Romantic music, but I probably should. This is nice. 7.5/10. 


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That's brilliant. One of my favourite UK hip hop artists is from Bedford, so to hear more talent from that place is great. All of these MCs ride the beat well and have top delivery (minus the guy starting at 5:23, he was off). 9/10 overall.



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5/10 kinda neutral on that. It's nice, but not really my cup of tea.





7/10 before the drop

0/10 after it


Because funky mid-range drops > yukky sub-bass drops.


Come at me, bro. BYAQ6.gif

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