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Oxford Dictionary's definition of music: "Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion." 1.) This music does have be

Just dropping in briefly. I'm keep hearing complaints about someone being overtly negative about other peoples musical taste and I am really intrigued now. My wife completed some research a few years

6.75/10, personally all of their stuff starts sounding the same to me.  

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9/10. Never really listened too much to Sabrepulse, but maybe I should start. I especially like the mood change about halfway through.



Keeping the chiptune going with a faux-Game Boy version of Strike Man's theme.

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7/10. It's alright. Not sure how it relates to a Game Boy other than the use of a few simple waveforms and a Mega Man sound effect (from NES MM, mind you), but whatever.




Was gonna post this for the last post I did, but I decided against it for some reason. So here, have "Pollyanna" from the MOTHER series in the style of Onett's theme.

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The first part sounds like it comes from an elevator music, then when we listen a little further more, it turns into a funky pop music. Pretty cool though!

Not all Korean songs are soppy love songs, you goddammit fangirls! These guys are badass, nothing like 1D or JB.

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5/10  I think it's a little too repetitive.  It's not terrible, but it's not great either.


Oh Celestia!!!!  Someone actually took the CMC theme song and made it not suck @$$.  As to whether or not it's actually good, I'll leave that to you to decide but you can't deny that this cover is at least better then the original version.



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