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You Just Got Kissed By the User Above You, Your Reaction?

Tom The Diamond

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First, there was this.


Then there was this.


And I thought "Huh, I'm surprised that second one isn't a forum game. Someone should make one of it." And I figured this next step in thread evolution would be obvious.


But I was wrong.


So I waited for the day, and now it was starting to bug me a bit that there were no threads created of this, so I decided to man up and make it a thread.


So anyways, here it is. The rule is simple; Post what your reaction would be if the user above you kissed you for some inexplicable reason. Make sure to be witty and super awesome! : P


Anyways, if the Forums themselves kissed me, first I would be like "Sorry, but I'm in love with Trixie. It would never work out" Not wanting to make the forums feel like I was just toying with it's emotions.


Then I'd go "Wait how the buck did the freakin forums kiss me the heck was in my drink?"

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I probably wouldnt be too weirded out. just a little shocked :P

you seem cool though.

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