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Canon Map: Possible Typo?


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So, on the canon map of Equestria (visible on the wiki here) we see that the city mentioned by Rainbow Dash in "It's About Time" is spelled "Los Pegasus". Sourced and mentioned by the wiki (on the same page, scroll to here) one of the writers mentioned that the city was meant to be a play on Las Vegas, which most of us probably figured.


Then this map comes along and throws us for a loop!


My question to you guys: do you think that "Los Pegasus" was a typo, or a misinterpretation by the artist who designed that map?


It seems that the artist intended for the city to be a play on Los Angelis (hence the Applewood sign) while the show's writer intended for the city to be a play on Vegas. I'd say that the show's writers trump the canonical authority of its artists, right? Speculate with me, friends.

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Well, the writers did say it was based on Las Vegas so either it was a typo or corporate never approved their decision. Since both angels and pegasus are winged creatures, I'll go with the based on L.A thing. (that left a bad taste in my mouth)

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Hey there!

I just wanted to link to this thread, giving better context about what happened with the pronunciation in the map, and better context about it :P 


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It works a lot better as a pun on Las Vegas – I never even thought it could be referring to anything else. I guess I thought the Las/Los inconsistency was just to make it a little different. :adorkable:

It's not the only place in Equestria with an inconsistent spelling. "Appleloosa" (as it was written on this map) sometimes appears as "Appleoosa". The former seems to be favored, but I prefer the latter, as that was the spelling used on the show ("Appleoosa's Most Wanted").

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