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writing Why should I rhyme?


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Why should I rhyme?

It's just a waste of time

I hate when people make it their prime

and act like not rhyming is a crime


I really hate when people rhyme stupid stuff

Like cheese puffs

Sometimes I just have to say,

that's enough!


They do it in such a rush

It all seems like a pile of mush

When they try to give their poem

a big push


They always try to write better more

But always turns out really poor

Although it comes from the core


Why should I rhyme?

I say it's a crime

And I don't have the time

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Haha, that's good.


Is it your first poem?


No, this is just one of the ones I thought I would post because it's kind of humorous. I actually write poems quite often, and the mood of them usually isn't as light as this one.

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