(Time Calamity) Ch.1

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This is my first fan fiction that I have ever done and here is all of chapter 1

I will add Chapter 2 next week hope you all enjoy :)


Chapter 1:P.1: Where It All Begin


“The start of a long journey begins with you my favorite servant. Now awaken my sweet and stand up on your hooves; your purpose is near.”


“What? Who's there?” Dammit, I must be losing it. I've been locked up so long now I guess it was a just a matter of time before I did. As I get up on my hooves a drop of water or what I hope is water falls from the ceiling of my cell into my eye. Damn, that sting’s! As I stand there rubbing my eye a guard comes by the cell door and punches me in the face. I hit my head against the back wall of my 5x5 cell and pass out. As the guard drags my lifeless body down the corridors of the prison, the sounds of dying and sad ponies echo around me. I thought, is it really that time? Has it been that long? But then the voice from before had returned.


“Crimson, you need to wake up. How are you going to get started if you’re sleeping again?”


As the mysterious voice fades out, the voice of the guard grinds in my ear. “Prisoner 4237 wake up!” “What’s going on?” The guard replies to me, "Your death that’s what’s going on. Now shut up and listen." He throws me in a room and slams the door. I quickly look around to see where I am when a bright light shines above me. I'm in a large black room with many old, decrepit ponies sitting around me in pews. A guard walks up to me and chains my hooves to the floor. The room looks to have no walls, but that doesn’t make sense because there is a door. Right? After looking around to see where I came in, I begin to look at the ponies that are staring at me. Their look is like they think I could be food. One of them stands out. He has a long, dark beard that looks like an empty void. And, half of his left ear looks like it was shot off. Another thing that makes him different from the others is that he looks happy. Why is he happy? Is he fond of telling or watching a pony die?


“Don't look so sad Crimson, I'm watching over you”, I hear the voice from before telling me.


But how and why? Suddenly, a different booming voice yells for quiet and I turn back to look at the face of the odd judge and it was now the same as the others…dark and emotionless. "Let us begin", he roared. “Prisoner 4237, a.k.a. Crimson Moon, do you know why you have been locked up for the past 5 years or should I remind you?” I say nothing but think to myself, enlighten me. “You are here for the crimes against the state and your kingdom. You denied the Queen and in doing so you allowed her to die." I respond and say, “She asked to die.” “Silence, you worthless cur!” Again, I respond, “Why should I? You’re going to kill me anyway.” They all begin to laugh. Almost as though I was a comedian on a stage. I ask, “So what are you going to do?” The judge smirks and says, "Your death will be now. Guard, prepare and aim your gun!"


Again, the voice from above. “Are you ready Crimson?”


To myself I think, what do you mean are you ready? I’m going to die. Is that what you were talking about being my purpose? Why am I even talking to you? You’re just that voice in my head. My insanity. I prepare myself for what is to be my next stop along the road of life. The guard walks up to me, with his flintlock loaded, and prepares. It is like he knew he was going to be doing this today. He raises the gun to my face and I am looking down the barrel. I close my eyes as I hear the clicks of the hammer and then the boom. But there is no pain. No impact. No ending. I open my eyes to see the bullet. It is right there in front of my face. But it’s frozen. I pick my head up to look around. Only to see that everything else around me is also frozen. I had a strange feeling, one I’ve felt before. I turned my head to look straight at the guard to find that the face that I smiling before on the judge was now his instead.


“Surprised? Well you've seen nothing yet Crimson.”


End of P: 1




Chapter 1: P.2: A Message From My Mother.

Where am I now I thought as I floated around in an endless, white void. I remember that voice from somewhere, but what more could I expect to come. I mean I’m stuck here in what seems like the twilight zone all by myself! In my head the thoughts continued to swell, looping over and over until I unknowingly fell asleep from the repetitiveness of it all.

That voice returns again as I fall asleep and it tells me, “Once again you have fallen asleep on me Crimson. At least this time I wanted you to.”

As the voice fades away I begin to dream. It was an old dream that I have had many times before. I am in a large, green meadow that had nothing surrounding it for miles. No mountains, no forest, nothing, just an endless meadow and hills. But there is one thing, a tree on the largest hill in the meadow. The tree is a tall, old white oak that can easily dwarf any of the castles of Equestrian’s battlements. At first glance, you would think it was dead because most of its branches are dry and leafless. But it is actually still alive. There is moss that goes all the way to the branch line in some areas and many holes where owls and other birds had made homes.

The voice says, “Crimson, maybe you should start heading to the tree. There’s a surprise for you.”

I did not reply to the voice but headed towards the tree. As I got closer I saw a silhouette of a pony in the shade of the tree. I stopped for a second to look at it before I realized who it was. Someone I lost when I was young. I started running towards the tree then. But something strange was happening to me. The closer I got to it the younger I got. Even though this seemed impossible I did not stop to investigate. I was focused on finding out if who I thought was next to the tree was really her. I began to stumble over my own hooves as I slowly got smaller but I continued to run up the hill. It felt like I was a colt again but my goal was in site so I continued to give it no thought.

I heard the voice telling me, “I hope you like who it is Crimson. She wants to see you.”

I paid no attention to the voice and kept on. Finally, I was close enough to actually truly see her. It was exactly who I thought it was. She had a long, night sky mane and she was tall. She had massive wings that no Pegasus could have and a horn that shown great and noble birth. I could also see her cutie mark, it could take the moons place if it ever were to be gone. While I was marveling as the sight and the beauty of my mother she was sitting calmly in the shade of the tree looking at me with a smile on her face. I did not realize it but while I was flabbergasted at what I was seeing I had stopped dead in my tracks. My mouth was wide open with surprise. She let out a laugh that I have not heard since before her death. I was ten when she died and well it appears I am ten now too. “Crimson, why are you just standing there? Aren’t you going to come see your mother?"

The voice spoke with urgency. “Remember Princess Luna, don’t be too long with him. He does need to get to work soon.”

“Do you think I would? Remember, I am his mother Selena.” SELENA! THAT’S THE VOICE I HAVE BEEN HEARING THIS WHOLE TIME? My mother asks, “Did you not realize that it was her? Well that’s a surprise son. After all you were in a secret relationship together when she was alive. Maybe you were locked up so long that you have forgotten what it was like to hear a ladies voice?” I gave my mother a dirty look as I sat down beside her. She just smiled back at me. “Well then mom, how are you here?” I asked. “I thought I was dreaming”. Mom says, “I can see you here because you are now in the time transfer zone or limbo. Here gods and the dead can speak to one another and the occasional guest, aka you.” “So, I’m just here because you brought me here?” I say to her. “No, I do not have the power to do this. No god does. Selena was the one who brought you here. I just came to talk to you, after all it’s been 12 years since I died and I was never able to say goodbye.” I couldn’t say anything. Slowly all my emotions emerged as I looked in to her eyes. My mother, my dead mother is sitting next to me and I was asking everything in the world but I never did say the most important thing. I then begin to get closer to her and cry as I looked back into her eyes. ”It’s ok my son I know.” We sat there for what seemed like hours before we began to talk again. Tears in my eye and head aching with emotion I tried to put my words in to sentences. We talked about silly things and tried to make the truth hurt less but we both knew that we had to part ways soon.

Selena breaks in and says, “I’m sorry Crimson, Luna but we need to get started. I need you to wake up Crimson.”

We looked at each other for the last time. We stood up and looked strongly at one another. “I love y…”. I stopped her sentence as I kissed her. My heart breaking I tell her, “It was never goodbye mom and it never will be. I will join you one day.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes, leans to me and whispers in my ear, “That’s only if you fail to do what needs to be done”. She leaned back with a smile. “Now wake up son, Selena is waiting for you.” I took on the look of a royal guard and said, ”Yes, your highness I well do as you wish.” She laughed, and as she watched me walk away she thought… I will always love you my son.

“Now let’s get this show on the road, Crimson.” Selena says with a bit of laughter in her voice.

End of P.2




Ch.1:P.3: The mission for the past.

I wake up and fall on my face. Dammit, who turned gravity on? As I rub my forehead I look up to see that I’m in a room. The room has white walls and gray trim. How bland. I spin around to see if there is an entrance but find that there is not. As I turn back around I think bland room, no entrance. Now what room am I reminded of? I begin to look at the center of the room and notice that a table and two chairs have appeared out of nowhere. They are old and wooden. As I walk over to them I see that they appear to have faces all over them. Every face is screaming and they look like they are moving. I stood next to them and looked at them a little closer. They are indeed moving, well squirming, and are trying to talk to me and tell me something. I don’t know why but I was compelled to look under the table and to my surprise there were no faces. Just flat wood with words in big, red letters: “Made in Equestria”. I laugh for a little bit but soon stop because I had a feeling I was being watched. I quickly lift my head up to find that Selena is with me now and has a book in her hooves and a smile on her face. I freeze at the site of her. She does not look like she has aged, not one bit. Her mane is still as long and stunning as her mom Celestia. In fact, she is almost a carbon copy of her mother, except for her hair color and cutie mark. Selena’s hair is darker and it has red, purple and blue in it. Her cutie mark is a sun within a sun. The larger outer sun is like her mom’s but the inner one is a light blue color that looks like a star.

“Can you stop gawking over me Crimson? We need to get started.” she says with a sigh. I got myself together as she laid the book on the table and sat down. “Sit down Crimson, we need to talk.” As I sit down I remember that the last time she said that she had me kill her. I ask, “Are you going to make me kill you again Selena?” She looks at me angrily and says “No, but I am going to tell you a story.” She points at the book. I look at it and read the title. “Time Travel”, by Star Swirl the Bearded. “Ok, well what is it about?” I ask her. She responds, “It’s simple really. I’m going to send you fifty years in the past.” “WHAT? YOUR GOING TO SEND ME WHERE?” “Into the past, before the great war and, before both our mothers deaths.” I thought, why? What for? But, I allow her to continue. “I’m sending you into the past to fix history, to make it what it was supposed to be.” “Supposed to be? You’re saying all the stuff that has happened was not supposed to have happened?”

“Precisely, you’re catching on Crim. As your mother told you we are in the time transfer zone. And here the dead and gods can interact.”

“Sure, but what does that have to do with me going back in time? I ask.

“Well, you know the story about Discord, right? The story our babysitter, Twillite, would tell us to get us to sleep?” “Discord was in casted in stone and was trapped, but not dead. Where did his spirit go, you wonder? Here, into limbo. But, somehow during the time that he has been here he found a way to alter the world without truly being in it. Kind of like I have done with you Crimson.”

I yawn and say, “Get on with it Selena.”

She gave me a stern look but continued. “Discord altered the timeline and in doing so the world is being slowly destroyed. That is why I sending you back in time. You are going to stop his plan of chaos, stop the wars and other events, like the Elements of Harmonies deaths and the deaths of our mothers.”

“Ok, and this book is going to help do this for us right?”

“Well”, she says, “It’s not that easy.” She opens the book to where a page is missing. “Someone has taken the page out.”

“So how are we going to do this?”

“There is another spell for time travel, but...” She looked at me with a serious face. “One of us has to die in order for it to work.”

The conversation died in an instant. I tried to stand up but instead fell out of my seat. I laid there stunned and said, “Another death? We have to kill again?” She came over to me and put her horn against my head and suddenly my horn grew back. It had been filed down while I was in prison. I looked her in the eye and said, “No, I am not going to kill you again.” She smiled at me.

“You aren’t going to, I am. But you are going back in time because you’re the only one that can.”

“Why? Why do you have to die and why do I have to be the one to go back in time?”

She explained, “I’m an Alicorn. If I go back ponies will be suspicious and I would not get anywhere. You are the only one that can go.”

I hesitated and shook my head. Once again I have to see her die. She stopped my train of thought with a kiss and said, “Don’t be such a downer we need to do this.”

Before we went through with the spell she gave me a list that said everything that I need to stop and look out for while I am in the past

“You will need to make sure that no pony looks at this. It could damage the timeline and also I’m going to age you five years so that when you go back you will look closer to the age of the Elements of Harmony. You’re going to need to befriend them. Do you have any questions?”

I put my head down and ask, “Are you going to be ok with killing yourself?”

“ I’d rather do it myself then making you Crim’s. I’m going to put you as close to the town of Ponyville as I can. You ready?”

I did not say anything, I just shook my head. Her horn glowed with power as she brought over a sharp piece of wood from the table to slit her throat. As I slowly disappeared I watched as she mumbled the words goodbye. At the last second I see her blood fly and she drops to the ground. I disappear and start becoming younger.

End of Ch.1:P.3



Tell me what you think and if you find any mistakes,Thanks.

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