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Greetings Fellow Bronies!

Skye Starlight

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Hi, I'm Skystar, and I'm female... I've heard a lot about the Brony Community and watched all the episodes up to and including Hearth Warming Eve...


I was originally attracted to the show through curiosity, as well as confusion as to why so many people that aren't in the target audience watch it, as I knew very well what the previous generation held (being a Rarity the pink rainbow princess unicorn fan, yes I'm young enough to remember that!) Yet missing out on the chibi set (thank Celestia for that!)


My favourite ponies are: Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy! (equal)

Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are pretty cool too, but I disliked "new" Rarity before I even watched the show simply because I was a fan of the old Rarity! She's grown on me a bit though, an every team needs a glamorous pony so she's fine!


Well, I guess that's just some info about me!

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Yes, I'm not a big Rarity fan, but she is also one of the most interesting ponies as she causes the most drama!


My example is what she did in Sweet and Elite, but that's not really what this topic is about...


Anyway, I've already looked at some of the artwork and videos created by MLP fan, which are really cool!

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