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Collab help for TCB Deconstruction story.

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So as to make it so people don't have to travel over to FIMFiction.net's group Anti-TCB, I'll just post some of the idea stuff here.


Basically, I'm looking for those who may be interested in helping me write a sort of WWZ styled (or I suppose in a sense one can say also TCB: Not Alone style as well) TCB story, that has Celestia and Equestria starting out closer to canon personality wise (though I think them having a decent bit of xenophobia isn't a bad thing) that eventually, after a few diplomatic incidents, lead to Equestria (under a theoretically crazed Celestia/Nightmare Flare) to go on a crusade to try and convert all of humanity to ponydom.


Now, for those who wish, the thoughts and such I've had that I've posted on my thread in the Anti-TCB group. You can find the thread here if your interested.


I've recently been taking a look into the Conversion bureau of late, and due in part both to anti-TCB comments from a friend of mine, as well as my fascination with alternate history and sci-fi, I've gained an interest in trying to make a realistic TCB story, one that shows the bad and good of both sides, as well as taking care of other, far more interesting aspects that would come from Equestria being in our world.

To that end, I'm looking for both people willing to collab such a story, and people who may have the knowledge to contribute ideas or suggestions that will make the story both more interesting and realistic.

To start with, the scenario I had was for a landmass to appear in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in late 2011 or Mid 2012. (the landmass can be seen in this map) I also had the thought of putting Equestria's civilian/domestic technology as roughly equivalent to our own (perhaps a decade behind or two) while its military technology is roughly 1920's to 1930's.

Now, there's a few things I want some help on, one of which I think in this scenario could have very interesting consequences. What effect would the sudden appearance of Equestria as shown on the map have on Earth's climate? Could it theoretically destabilize the gulf stream? Could Equestria's controlled weather systems cause havoc with the natural weather systems of Earth?

Of course, questions on why the ponies would end up coming up with the idea of "ponification", with both good and bad intentions, is a requirement, as is figuring out how the world would react to such a sudden change. There is of course the questions of just how much influence magic would still hold both within and outside Equestria.

Overall, I'm wanting to shoot for something similar to the story I'm about to read, TCB: Not Alone, which is giving me a World War Z vibe.


The first chapter will focus on the week leading up to Equestria’s arrival on Earth, with journals and diary entries as well as blogs and newspaper articles that cover the time period from both sides perspective. On Earth, in the central atlantic, a hurricane like weather system begins to develop, but not move, puzzling the scientific community. Within the area of the storm, EM surges begin to interfere with any advanced electronics system, making study of the strange phenomenon difficult. On Equestria, some of the weather begins to act strangely, while the Princesses both sense a rising surge of magic within their lands, though they are unable to determine what it is.

At the end of the week on Earth, a force-field comes into being around the edges of the storm, and it rages for several hours before a bright flash occurs, and once the flash dissipates, the storm and the barrier are gone, but in its place is a new landmass…Equestria.

Now, one of the things I’d considered was tweaking aspects of the TCB universe to make things more interesting and to an extent, more canonical to the show itself. For example, one focus of this collab story idea is to make the mane six and Celestia act as in character as possible within the confines of the TCB universe, as well as Equestrians in general. Another aspect, the barrier, I wish to find realistic reasons for its existence, for the thought I had was that initially, there is no barrier. The second thought coming to my head in regards to this was that Earth’s weather patterns begin to have a major effect on Equestria’s own weather, so Celestia erects a barrier to keep the weather systems separate from each other (which would have consequences for Earth) The barrier could then be modified at a later date to say keep out electronics, or humans in general.

Another thought I had was coming up with an origin point for the Conversion Bureau’s themselves. I had the idea that initially, the conversion potion would be conceived by a pony trying to help humans eliminate some of Humanity’s worst diseases. The after effects however (wiping of their former personality, basically) makes the its use controversial (I figured a reference to mutant cure protests from X-men 3 could be made here)

Now, how to have things end up going south between the humans and equestrians? The idea came to me that the shift from their world to ours would cause mental/psychological stress on Celestia (and possibly Luna, though I prefer her to remain the stable one in this case) for she has lost connection to the sun (after all, Sol is not the star she was born to move, and she can’t move it anyways in our world) This could eventually lead her to take actions that might not be what she would normally consider taking, with the end goal of Celestia going coocoo. Combined with any number of possible diplomatic incidents gone bad, and well…

Something I seemed to have noticed in TCB stories so far is a lack of any recognition of Discord. At most he, gets a small mention. I had the thought of changing that, with the idea of making him not only responsible for the shift itself, but being the one subtly influencing events behind the scenes to ensure humanity and equestria will cross blades.


I've been thinking about this while at work, going over various ideas and thoughts, such as the idea of Celestia ending up going Nightmare on folks, banishing Luna and the EoH to the moon, imprisoning Twilight in the Canterlot dungeons forcing the mane five to rescue her and then with human help get to the moon and freeing Luna, and with Nightmare Flare declaring total war against the human race by launching potion laced chemical missiles at the world. But that was just one idea I had :P

Inspired slightly by TCB: Not Alone, I had the thought that the initial disputes and problems between Equestria and humanity could be through the nation of Portugal. I had the thought that after Equestria created the bubble to keep separate Equestria and Earth's weather systems, a need to expand the bubble might occur, which could end up bringing the Azores within the bubble (this would be a problem for the reasons of A: the magic of the bubble does generate sort of low level "magical radiation" that is not only harmful to humans long-term (some can adapt to it, but not all) but also B: interfere's with advanced electronic devices and signals.) This, combined with some influence from Discord on human politicians and media outlets, and with a little bit of him tugging on Celestia's mental stability, would result in a conflict between the two (with probably Portugal attacking to potentially prevent the invocation of Article 5 of the NATO treaty.)


I've come up with the start of the first chapter for the fanfic, which I have two title ideas for. TCB: The Equestrian War, or TCB: The Equestrian Crusade. I decided that sense part of the idea is to base it somewhat off of WWZ, I started the chapter off with a Preface from the perspective (NOTE: The chapter is not JUST a preface, but also the prologue)


Here's the link to what I've got so far, if anyone thinks they can add something to the preface to make it better go ahead and do so, I've edited the share so that anyone can edit it. If I need to I'll make it so that only those I approve can edit it, but for now I trust folks to be polite and such Posted Image

If there's anyone who knows anything about climate stuff, that'd be a big help. I had the thought that the opening story would be from a recording of a live newscast, which gets interuppted by reports of a strange hurricane like storm system appearing in the middle of the atlantic.


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