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Halo Soundtrack/Music Thread

Lady Rarity Pony

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I decided to make this thread so I can stop flooding the Best Video Game Soundtracks thread with Halo music because we all already know Halo is the best and we should just give it a rightful home.

So just post or talk about your favorite tracks/music from the games/Halo Legends.

Just try not to link already linked tracks/music :)


Here are 2 of my favorites. damn you media file limit!

Blow Me Away Instrumental Version (Halo 2)


Follow Alternate Mix (Halo 2)


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You know what I love about the Halo Reach Soundtrack, the latter songs in it use many cues used in halo 3. Which I find cool.


For instance Load up The package from Disc 2. skip to 05:44.


That piano cue.


Yeah that was pretty neat.

There was also the Halo 3 music during the cutscene where you get Cortana :)

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That's the one I'm actually talking about. :D


oh haha

Here we go xD


That was pretty neat how they threw that in there. Brings back memories of Halo 3 :)

This track is also one of my favorite.

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That one also still does it for me every time.


Ah yes. The main menu music.

The track is very good, it's just worn down a little for me because of how many times I've heard :P


All the halo soundtracks are the bomb! :D My favorites are from Halo 1 and 3. But Halo 2 still had alot of good music in their soundtracks ^.^ Especially blow me away!


Yeah. I still haven't decided on a favorite but Halo 2 has so much good music...but then again so do all the other Halo games. :D
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Since i love the music in Halo.. i'm going to post some remixes... Enjoy! ^^





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Wow Jonke.

To tell you the truth I have never listened to unofficial remixes before. These are great :)


Well here is more.. ^^





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Halo 3, the music from the final mission.


(Hope I embedded it right)


I can't get enough of this, brings back memories of 4 people racing warthogs on the last mission :)

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Halo - Insurrection OC ReMix





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I can't believe of all these remixes I've missed out on. That second one was great :)


While Halo Wars's gameplay may have not been the best for an RTS game, the soundtrack was rather good.

Spirit of Fire (Halo Wars)


Five Long Years (Halo Wars) The audio quality of this upload is messed up a bit, sorry


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