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movies/tv What Movies Do You Like Yet Most People Hate/Dislike?


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MIB III and Sherlock Holmes II. These were great movies in my opinion but didn't score very high movie critique marks. District 9 was a really cool sci-fi film. I'm not saying its not popular because many people like it, it just happens so that my dad didn't like it so much when he watched it. It gave me the "wow this is so cool" impression though

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Rent. I just thought it was an amazing movie with unforgettable songs! (525,600 minutes!) My family hated it and makes fun of it from time to time, but I'll always stand behind it.


Angel (top row, third column) was my favorite character, and I was so pissed when she died!


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Paranormal Activity is something all my friends beg me to see, but I find the movies to be lacking in so many departments. I saw the first two films and they weren't scary in the least, just like most horror films. I'm more of a psychological horror guy, like The Exorcist or The Blaire Witch Project.

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Mark me up as another one who enjoyed the Star Wars Prequels, or at least TPM and RotS. Yeah, they have their problems, but I still had a lot of fun watching them. They aren't exactly great movies, but they're still fun romps, and certainly not insults to cinema overzealous fans say they are. Besides they were responsible for giving us some of the best Star Wars video games like Pod Racing and Republic Commando


Also Iron Man 3 I loved. I understand if people were upset with the Mandarin plot twist but otherwise I enjoyed it just as much as Marvel's other films. Also Trevor was worth it.


Lastly would probably be Brave. The movie feels more like a traditional Disney film than a Pixar film, but it's still a great movie with a lot of heart and doesn't deserve to be lumped with Cars 2 when talking about the weakest Pixar films

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Despite the crap that has been given to both Iron Man 2 and 3 I have to say that I actually rather like them.

In fact I found them to be more entertaining then the first movie.

Besides that I would also pick Brave.

Despite not being one of my all time favorite animated movies I actually enjoyed Brave.

The animation and soundtrack for the film were absolutely gorgeous.

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Spider-Man 3


I really, really like this movie! It's actually my favourite in the Maguire trilogy, and yes, it has flaws, but so do the other movies! I thought Venom was great, Sandman was perfect and New Goblin was a great build up and worth the wait after the last two films.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Yes, the film definitely has problems, and people say it's not fun...but it is! It's also a character study into Superman and Batman, and really gets the audience thinking about these characters and builds up to a damn good fight scene that leads to DOOMSDAY! Seriously, Doomsday is badass in this film. Nothing wrong with the CGI on him at all! Ben Affleck is the perfect Batman, Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman and I instantly loved Eisenberg's Lex Luthor.

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The Equestria Girls movies. I actually found them pretty funny and entertaining.


The Transformers movies, especially the first. Not the deepest, but still interesting


The Last Action Hero, as a guy who like both Satire and Arnold Schwarzenegger films, I have to say it's one of my favorite movies from him, right behind the first 2 terminator movies.


The master of Disguise, funny movie! Hilarious!


Hot Rod, kinda silly and nonsensical in parts, but that made it entertaining for me. It's silly and its fun.

Newer Adam Sandler Movies, many people don't seem to like Adam Sandlers later movies, but he still has some good ones in my book. I really like "Don't mess with the Zohan" and "That's My Boy!" The latter one is a riot!

I like the mortal kombat movie even though it is incredibly ridiculous. I also liked Men in Black 3 and Space Jam. I also sort of like fritz the cat... sort of.

I agree, I like all the MIB movies, and Fritz the Cat is hilarious!

*braces self for hate*I really like the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Yeah, I guess some of the actors are bad (read: anybody who is not named Ewan McGregor or Samuel L Jackson), there are a lot more characters that are just straight up annoying (Jar Jar and Ep 1 Anakin come to mind). But come one, we get the story of how the Sith took the Galaxy, multiple Yoda fights, and some really great, large scale battles. I still think the original trilogy is better, but the prequels are still very solid.

Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one here who likes the Prequels! Yeah, the original trilogy was better, but I did enjoy the first three as well. (I still hate Jar-Jar Binks though! Talk about annoying!)

Gotta say Cable guy with Jim Carry, Criminally under rated movie for him. That thing got PANNED when it came out.

I Did not know it was panned! Love that movie, definitely one of my favorites from Jim Carrey next to "The Mask" and "Liar Liar"


Especially the jousting scenes at the restaurant and the bad dream Steven has where chip is all psychotic! "I just wanted to be friends! Is that too much to ask?"


"Cable guy *knock knock knock* Caaaable guy! " :P

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I think I'm the only person who legitimately enjoyed Superman Returns.  Its not perfect by any means, Lois Lane was miscast, Lex Luthor's plan was ridiculous, and it was too long. But as an 8-year old and even now, I appreciate seeing Superman actually be heroic and the various callbacks to the Richard Donner films. 

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I really liked the Avatar - The Last Airbender Movie and thought that it couldnt even be better.


I didnt see any Problems at all and i felt, they included all the most important Scenes.

So, i dont know...like the Series and like the Movie and i really hope the Trilogy will be finished in the Future.


I also seem to like Superman 3 and 4 and even think, these are the best Superman Movies with Christopher Reeve, since Lex Luthor in Part 1 was pretty boring and not a real enemy to Superman in any way and Part 2 felt overlong.


I also like the Tv Movie Its a Bird...Its a Plane...its Superman ! from 1975 with David Wilson as Superman. I think the Movie is funny.  :)

I also like the Wonder Woman Tv Movie with Cathy Lee Crosby, she just looks very good as Wonder Woman.  :D


I also like most Video Game Adaptations, my favorites are :

All Silent Hill Movies, all Resident Evil Movies, all Tomb Raider Movies, Alone in the Dark and Doom.  :pinkie:


What else? Hmm...i enjoyed Batman and Robin to. 

And even though Dragonball Evolution was a bad adaptation of the source material, i still was entertained while watching it.

I mean, it doesnt destroy the other adaptations, its just a new Story. So, who cares?

I was entertained, so telling the Movie was bad, would be a lie, because i seemed to like it.

I was entertained, thats all that counts for me.  :fluttershy:

EDIT : Whoops, forgot to mention the Final Fantasy - The Spirits within Movie, which i also love.  :grin:

And i also forgot to mention Green Lantern, which i also liked. I also liked Timesweep. And the american Godzilla Movie from 1998.

I seem to like A LOT of hated Movies. Maybe because i dont have a vision of what Movies should be and i just watch them.

I dont know.

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Here some movies that I consider classics while others say that they're complete trash:


  • Jack and Jill (2011)
  • Meet the Spartans (2008)
  • Minions (2015)
  • Star Wars Episode 3 (2005)
  • All of Michael Bay's Transformers movies
  • TMNT (2015)
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The Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I personally found it pretty fun to watch myself, plus I've heard it was actually closer to the original book than the Gene Wilder version (although I still find the original good in it's own right)

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I'm sure I'll be proven wrong on this but... Fantasia.


I know it's hailed by many critics as a masterpiece, but while I've always liked it, I feel like not many others do. I understand why though, nearly two hours of animation synced with classical music with no cohesive story linking all the separate sequences is not something everyone will be able to get into. But as a Disney fan who does like a fair share of classical music, it's something I've always admired and appreciated. Plus its visual and technical accomplishments were remarkable for a film made in the early 40s.

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Far And Away. I always try to get people to watch this movie and they always yawn and change the subject. I'm passionate about this movie dammit! Hear me!  :angry:


Oh, and Avatar: The Last Airbender is another one. I never watched the series and don't follow it so I don't look at it as a purist fan would. Maybe that's why I like it. On it's own terms, me likey.  :proud:

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I normally go with the hivemind when it comes to liking movies. The only one I will list wholeheartedly is Home Alone 2. Most people don't like it because it recycled so many elements of the first one, but it added some new slapstick gags and I personally like the nostalgic imagery of early-90s New York City. Marv turning into a skeleton while being electrocuted never gets old.


As a kid, I liked Flubber as a silly slapstick comedy, but I haven't seen the whole movie in years. I don't know if I'll still like it. The terrible characters will likely ruin it for me.


Also, not everyone hates this movie, but I think the first Shrek is a bit underrated, especially by people who like the second one better. If not for its strong characters and world, it could be considered one of the greatest parodies of all time considering it was one of the first movies to absolutely take the piss out of everything Disney had been doing for about 80 years to that point. On the other hand, it's a very true fairy tale adventure in its own right. The only thing that sucks about it is that it started a trend where every hack writer who thinks they can put in some crude humor and pop culture references is convinced they have a master-class animated hit on their hands. DreamWorks Animation's house style became the style of choice for all other animated studios to copy, supplanting that of Disney.


Also putting down Rock-A-Doodle because it's so ridiculous that I can't help but count it as a guilty pleasure.

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