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Making a pony quiz


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Hey everypony, I need your help. I'm making a pony Visual Basic quiz, but I'm a little short on ideas for questions. Any of you have ideas on what to include (fanon or canon)? Also, I might be able to include pictures, so if there's a question like: "What is the name of this pony," then that could work too. Thanks in advance!

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You may want to have people PM you answers, as to not ruin it it for those on these forums who might want to take the quiz themselves. For example, Me. ;)


I would give you some Q and A's myself, but I'm tired, and don't want to think right now :P

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Maybe you can post a picture of a background character that often occurs within a group of ponies, and ask "what is the name of this pony?" Or maybe for a difficult trivia question: "How many square kilometers/miles is the everfree forest?" I think you'll have to ask Lauren Faust about that :) Or maybe "What is the name of Rarity's shop?" Or something like this:


Write out the pet/s that each of these ponies have:














The dog (whatever her name was)



(Ignore the spelling)


Hope these tips help. Good luck!

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