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Best Stallion?


Favourite Stallion?  

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  1. 1. Who is your favourite stallion?

    • Big Macintosh
    • Braeburn
    • Shining Armour
    • Caramel
    • Flim/Flam
    • Fancy Pants
    • Doctor Whooves/Time Turner
    • Soarin
    • Written Script
    • Filthy Rich
    • Doctor Stable
    • Donut Joe
    • King Sombra
    • Prince Blueblood
    • Mr. Cake
    • Starswirl the Bearded
    • Rainbow Dad~
    • Other

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  • 4 years later...

I AM THE NECROTHREADMANCER! Arise once more, and serve your Master! Mwa-Ha!

  And why I do, of course, is because I am just absolutely enthralled by Caramel!

      Sure, yes, I'll admit I'm hinging all of my headcannon & feelings on just one short, wordless showing of him where he gets all bashful at losing the seeds during Winter Wrap-Up, but... hoo~! Sooo cuuute!

 That's my headcannon too! That he's actually one of a set of Triplets who all happen to have the same coats, colors, cutie mark and even first name! (It is a set of three hooves, innit?) He's Caramel Cappuccino: shy, quiet and just wants to lead a normal life. His sister is Caramel Mocha: more outgoing, teasing and, shall we say, "adventurous." Then there's his bigger, buffer older brother who's a lot more Big Mac-like. Going with Caramel Americano, though that doesn't really work too well as a pony name...

  Point is! While he and his design is admittedly bland; it is just SUPER cute on him! Tehn outta Tehn! Would Glomp!


  As for the others...

 Yeah, yeah. Big Mac is a real sweetheart n' hunk, and Imma gonna let you finish, but...   

   Just never really been that much into buffer, bigger guys. He really is sweet just... not quite my type. The big, oafish, country boy tends to be the position I'M generally playing, hah!


   Braeburn though... really does win a Second Place with me! Love his open, airy, bright & cheery, boyish charms. Plus, that open vest & hat combo is totally cute on him too!


  Also, Note to the Original Poster, if you ever happen to read this: 

  Rainbow's Dad now has a name since this tread got started, Bow HOTHOOF! (Best last pony name ever!) and there's a few other stallions to add. There's Rockhoof too. (I know I said I wasn't into buffness, but... Just... Wow!) There's also... what was his name again? The counterpart to Starlight Glimmer? Sunburst something? Oh! And what about Twi's dad, Booklight or somesuch? And Rarity's Dad, Magnum!  ...hmm, wonder if we can count Garble in here too? Dragon is as dragon does, after all!

... who's Written Script?

 Edit: Ooh! Ooh! What about fandom stallions? Because Dusk Shine! ...rowr~

              ...yeah... I think about stallions a lot. Just... you know~ mind wanderings~

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I voted for King Sombra. Sure, the guy didn't have the best debut, but he still had a great display of potential. As someone who used to dislike him, I legitimately believe now that all he needs is a stellar return episode and he'll be adored all across the fandom. Even so, the show needs more shadowy, subtle villains like him. All hail the shadow king. :fluttershy:

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