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It's beautiful! Great job! You have a very awesome art style. Do the lines look like that because you were drawing with a mouse? If so, you might want to try using Gimp. If you press shift when drawing with the paintbrush it straightens your lines, and you can make curves by releasing shift or making the straight lines closer together, which is really easy.


But great job, I like it a lot!

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That's so cute! You've done really well! I wish I could draw! It looks fun being able to draw things! I want to draw ponies too! I really like her mane :) <3

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On the other side: Do you have a tablet? Your lines are all jagged > 3< Try a program like SAI Tool or photoshop, they give much smoother lines if used right.

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She is so cute! :wub: You should use a program like Inkscape, photoshop, or Sai so that your lines aren't so jagged, but I still love it!

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