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Fan Fiction Paper Mario and the Seventh Element of Harmony


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Hello there, My little ponies!





I've been writing a Fanfiction for a while, at least since July, it's a My Little Pony/ Paper Mario crossover.


It initially started out being written sarcastically, and was never going to make it past chapter one, but I decided to keep it going, these are just some initial notes, THANKS! <3


Chapter One: Prologue Part One


Can be found here: https://docs.google....Sajk4zryHY/edit


Author's Notes: Not much to say about this one, it was gonna start out as a bit of a joke between Kurtiss, Sweetie Belle and I. It was written sarcastically by me halfway through, until I decided to keep it going. I hope I kept consistancy,






If you find any errors, please feel free to notify me, by either by PM here, or my Email that I made specificly for contact by this: Scootaloo@Live.ca , I won't respond immidiately from that email, but I'll read every email from there, whether it be Feedback, a comment, or a complaint.

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Paper Mario... AND My Little Pony? Together??? Well, since I love Paper Mario, and I love MLP as well... I REALLY love this idea!!! Looking forward to the next part!


Thanks! I haven't worked on it in a while, >.> I'm hoping to have the next chapter typed over the next few days. As for future chapters... I plan on having a new chapter written AT LEAST once a month, I hope that's a reasonable quota, since I've been pretty swamped lately.

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