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A friend and I frequently go to a classy cafe down in Durham, North Carolina. Once a month was our custom, but we've both gotten quite busy as of late and have had to repeatedly cancel our plans. We live in central Virginia so it's quite a haul to go there, but we make the journey because Virginia doesn't have nice things. It's a small cafe with no dress code, though the clientele are always decent, respectable people wearing befitting clothing, and there's always a jazz band playing.


He reminded me that my birthday is next week (I would have forgotten had he not mentioned it) and we're determined to make the trip on Saturday, the 15th. My normal attire is a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Nothing fancy but perfectly acceptable there. Seeing as this is a "special occasion," I decided to dress respectably this time. So my question to all of you is: which of the following do you prefer?





How often to you "dress up" for fancy events? Do you ever over dress just for the fun of it? Personally, I find such clothing to be constricting and unpleasant and avoid dressing like that if at all possible.


I've seen plenty of T-shirts and ordinary clothing around here, so post some of your more fancy attire if you wish, with or without you in them.

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Personally, I like the one on the left. Although it's hardly fair to judge not having not seen you in them. They're both quite nice, though. I wish that I could pull off a suit. I can pull off a trenchcoat and derby, though, so I suppose that's fair enough,

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well, if you don't feel too confortable wearing too formal clothes, I don't think it's completely necesary to wear the suits, use your jeans (a nice pair of jeans), and instead of the t-shirt use a long sleeved nice looking shirt, and instead of sneakers, preferably wear a black or chocolate moccasins shoes.

if you still want the suit, wear the dark blue one, it looks better at night :)

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I like the one on the left.


And lul, I don't even own fancy clothes. I really should get some, because a friend of mine (who is a female) keeps telling me that men who wear suits are damn sexy.


Must buy ;-;

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I like the left one. Even though the right one has it's pros... So I would choose the left one if I was you, I just think it looks cooler.

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