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My favorite episode is definitely Hurricane Fluttershy. I can't even count how many times I've watched that episode, it is so good!

First and foremost is the plot. Pegasus ponies getting together so they can create a tornado to funnel water to Cloudsdale. It's such a cool concept and they executed it so well. The fact that the episode centered around my two favorite characters, also helped. Not only did it show lots of interactions between Fluttershy and Rainbow dash, but it showed how well their personalities really work with each other. The lesson of getting over that fear and anxiety with determination resonated so well with me. Every scene from the episode is amazing, especially the training montage and Fluttershy pulling through in the end. On top of all the great characterization of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, we also got a lot of good world building for the pegasi. They have always been my favorite, so that was awesome to me. Lastly, we got to see so many new background pegasi, which is a real nice bonus. This episode is just amazing, and it's no wonder why nothing has surpassed it as my favorite.

That being said, there are some other really great episodes. Here's my top five:

1. Hurricane Fluttershy

2. Sonic Rainboom

3. Dragonshy

4. Top Bolt

5. Wonderbolts Academy

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I have a huge debate in my head which episode is actually my favorite. There are the "Rock Solid Friendship" that I have watched a million times, but some of Pinkie is dragging that episode down. Then we have "A Royal Problem" which everyone likes because it has princesses, and Starlight. Again, it is the easy pick because everyone can agree it was the best (people that are too emotionally invested in Applejack's parents will not agree).

But Frenemies is such a cool episode, and really did a 180, making the show feel cool again. I really want to support an episode like that! :oh_golly:

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Too Many Pinkie Pies is my favorite episode because of how interesting the premise is and Pinkie learns of the consequences but my one problem would be the ending because I would have wanted the real Pinke to be determined to prove that she was the real Pinkie and not just get depressed and win that way having no real motivation and expecting to die.

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